Apple pushes for Arizona sapphire plant to go into production in February for ‘critical’ product component

“In November of last year, Apple announced that it would be opening up a new manufacturing plant in Mesa, Arizona,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Since that time, little information has come out about the plant except that it would be utilized to manufacture sapphire crystal for future Apple devices.”

“The plant will be operated by Apple in tandem with GT Advanced Technologies,” Gurman reports. “Earlier this year, we learned via (now removed) Apple job listings that the plant would involve components for future iPhone and iPod product lines.”

“Now, we have tracked down documents (with the help of analyst Matt Margolis) showing correspondence between U.S. Foreign Trade Zone officials and Apple’s Deputy Director of Global Trade Compliance,” Gurman reports. “The documents were made public today by the Foreign Trade Zones Board. The papers indicate the materials Apple will utilize to manufacture sapphire, share details about Apple’s “aggressive” plan to take the facility live, and provide a description of how the sapphire will be used in future Apple products.”

Tons more in the full article – highly recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Let’s shake a tail feather there Apple. As a long term investor my opinion is it takes way too long to bring new products to market. Hopefully Carl will help you get your thumb out of your ass.

    1. No! Apple, don’t even mind these blood suckers of shareholders!
      They only care for making more money, but they don’t give a damn if, once buckets of bucks made, an enterprise sinks ounce bled!

    2. Your opinion is worthless, you don’t have a fucking clue about development of new products, the processes that go into making them, and the materials used to make them.
      Yet you sit there, Mr Keyboard Warrior, dictating what Apple should and should not do. You’re an ignorant fool, who I wouldn’t trust to run a coconut shy competently.

    3. What a stupid, ridiculous statement. Apple already uses sapphire glass in the iPhone 5s. It only recently acquired the former solar production plant and has to convert it for use in producing sapphire glass components. It takes time to retool a production facility, train workers, run test batches, and bring a plant up to full production capacity. Your insistence as a “long term investor” is irrelevant to Apple’s time line for its products. Get over your imagined self-importance.

    4. Carl won’t do anything positive for Apple… Unless by accident. The guy is a leech that will only encourage Apple to take its eye off the ball. He cares nothing if he brings down a business as long as he gets richer. Yet his reminds me of 18 th C Spain where the rich aristocrats rich on stolen Gold cared nothing for the decline of their country, at least till it destroyed them as well by the 1930s.

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