Obama thanks Apple Inc. for ConnectED work

“President Obama on Tuesday gave his 2014 State of the Union Address to the American people,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“In it, he praised a number of technology companies, including Apple, for helping with his ConnectED program, which aims to connect 99 percent of schools to the Internet via high speed connections,” Dalrymple reports. “‘We are proud to join President Obama in this historic initiative to transform America’s schools,’ Apple said in a statement provided to The Loop. ‘Apple has a long history in education, and we have pledged to contribute MacBooks, iPads, software and our expertise to support the ConnectED project. We look forward to announcing more details with the White House soon.'”

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  1. No amount of technology from any company can solve our global problems. EVERY educational system needs to start an “ETHICS 101” program. ie. Thou Shall Not STEAL. Technology can not solve this problem.

    1. Hmmmm, is that like telling criminals not to steal??

      When large corporations like Samsung can get away with stealing (again and again) and patent trolls win big but companies like Apple cannot win against them, its about fairness and justice. Sadly, in this country, we lack in both.

      Maybe we need a lawyer for that……er……. never mind. 🙁

  2. The most important thing children need to be taught is to Question Everything, and this is where internet access can help especially in ass backwards anti science, creationist states like texas.

    1. Apparently Damian has no children since it would be impossible to run a household with children who question your every decision. Children need to be taught to submit to proper God given authority.

      Speaking of anti-science you should look of the theory of evolution it is as anti-science as you can get. 1. It wasn’t observed. 2. It can’t be reproduced. 3. There isn’t one shred of evidence to support it.

        1. 1) adaptation is not species to species evolution. The finch’s progeny developed a smaller beak it didn’t not change into a new species. The theory of evolution states that there is species to species evolution. This has not been observed ever. In fact there hasn’t been any transitionary forms where this even looked to be happening found ever. Even Darwin himself saw this to be a flaw in his theory.

          2. Where did they reproduce the big bang? Or where did they reproduce the creation of life? Or where did they reproduce species to species evolution?

          3. DNA explains adaptation and not species to species evolution.

          1. TGABTG,
            evolution – small e is what you are talking about. Its proven and you agree. Species evolve to get better.

            Evolution – big E is ape to man and is a theory, yes. Of course, there are those who believe that dinosaurs and cavemen lived at the same time, the universe does not really exist (God fakes it), the watchmaker theory (where God created the VCR cause I could never invent one), and other approaches.

            Back on topic, each kid is an individual, different from the rest. While we get to nurture them, so does life. And the nature thing is still out but certain DNA issues can sure make a difference in their life. How much is still being studies.

            Stealing is wrong, true. But stealing, cheating, and other bad things done by corporations is just as wrong. Life is both complicated and simple.

            Just saying.

    2. Eh, people should be allowed to believe whatever they want… What’s really needed is for people to learn to respect others’ beliefs insofar that those beliefs do not interfere with personal rights and privacy.

      The fallacy of creationism is that that the logic poses a conflict. If “god” made the DNA that made us, then “it” also made DNA mutable, which is the basis of evolution. If “god” made DNA perfect and immutable, then there’s something else that eclipses “its” will and is more significant.

      1. Again adaptation is not what the theory of Evolution is asking us to believe. The theory of Evolution asks us to believe that one species will eventually evolve into another species.

        There is no fallacy in stating that God made every creature after it’s own kind and built into each kind is the ability to interbreed and adapt.

        1. Both historical and current extinction have been observed. Without evolution, this would imply that God established a system in which the diversity of life was doomed to irrevocably degrade over time. Evolution provides a mechanism for the rejuvenation of natural diversity. It seems that you have a very narrow view of God’s capacity for creation and you view creativity as static rather than dynamic. Why does your mind feel the need to confine and limit the creativity of God?

          1. Good question. God calls us to conform ourselves including our minds to His revealed will, namely the Scriptures.

            In the Scriptures, God has revealed that He created the universe in the space of 6 days and all very good. So the original intent was that His creation would not degrade or go extinct. However, man sinned by disobeying God and thus plunged not only humanity but all of the created order into destruction and decay. The wages of sin is death and with man’s sin now death had entered the universe. Of course there is good news! God provided a way for man to once again be right with Him, through the life and death of His son and one day the created universe will be renewed.

            So to answer your question my mind is confined to believe what God has revealed about Himself through the Scriptures.

            1. You use the term as a verb:
              Worship: verb
              – show reverence and adoration for (a deity); honor with religious rites.
              – treat (someone or something) with the reverence and adoration appropriate to a deity.
              – take part in a religious ceremony.
              so the answer is no. If you meant the original word weorthscipe “worthiness,” then I suppose ‘reason.’

              But I don’t debate religion v science; they are orthogonally different dimensions.

            2. Whose reason? Yours?

              A man is born blind and since he can’t see he thinks that no one else can either, no matter how much people try to tell him about color and light he has no evidence or experience that those things really exist. Is he being reasonable?

            3. “A man is born blind and since he can’t see he thinks that no one else can either”…… Oppps there you lose it.

              A man is born a man, therefore he cannot believe in woman cause he cannot be one. So women do not exist.

              PS this is thursday, can we hold this off until sunday (or saturday if you are a 7 day adventist)???

        2. So you’re basically saying that “god” is incapable of creating a process that allows living organisms to evolve – not only adapt to their environment, but evolve into new species?

          Furthermore, why couldn’t “god” create living beings that could exist on Mars or the moon? Why does it take very specific set of conditions for life to exist unless “god” actually uses natural physical processes to create all the different organisms we know of?

          1. I’m not saying He is incapable but rather that His revelation of how He did it and the evidence we see in nature shows that it isn’t the case.

            God isn’t constrained by the natural processes, since He created them and actually uses them in His providence to sustain the earth. He could create beings that can live on Mars if He wanted to since life isn’t found in the air we breathe or the food we eat but rather in God himself. He gives us life and can take it away.

            1. There is no evidence in nature that shows “god” created anything. There’s only belief that it was “god’s” doing. Everything in this universe falls under the natural processes of physics. There’s absolutely no disputing that. Maybe “god” created those processes? Who knows? No one does and no one may ever completely understand how we got here and how the universe was made. Just because someone TOLD you it was one way or another, doesn’t make it correct, accept in your own mind – this is how belief systems are formed; someone tells you it, you read it in a book, you see something you can’t explain.

              Creationists, for some reason or another, want to explain away evolution, by saying, “No! God is perfect! He made everything as it is and always will be! Evolution is poo-poo!” Logically speaking, if I actually believed “god” existed, I would instead argue, “Just because evolution might actually be true, it doesn’t mean that ‘god’ does not exist. ‘It’ created the processes within which evolution could occur.”

              And by the way, science IS NOT the enemy of faith, disillusionment is. If ‘believers’ actually embraced science, it may actually help them come to understand “god” better. If “god” is perfect, it is science, not faith, that is removing all the unexplained inconsistencies that may have raised doubt in ‘its’ existence.

            2. 1. Creation is the evidence that God created. I do agree that we can not exactly know how He did it since we weren’t there and He hasn’t revealed to us the exact how.

              2. Creationist don’t want to explain away evolution, they just so no reason to believe it since there is no evidence for it. I’m speaking of evolution from one species to another.

              3. Believers do embrace science what we don’t embrace is a false religion masquerading as science, i.e. naturalism. Naturalism states that all there is is nature and natural processes. Naturalism from the outset rules out the supernatural and so they are forced to explain the origins of the universe not from some scientific method but rather from their presupposition that God cannot exist.

              The only reason good science is even possible is because God created an orderly universe that contains natural laws. If Evolution were true then we would have no basis for science since the natural laws could easily shift tomorrow since they are not under a guiding authority.

            3. If you don’t know how we were created, because “He” hasn’t shown us, how do you know that it wasn’t through evolution? You can’t possibly know that it wasn’t and can’t possibly say because of a lack of evidence. That doesn’t make any sense when you clearly believe that there are some things that “god” hasn’t shown us… meaning there is no evidence.

              The fact of the matter is, you CHOOSE to believe in something that you were told by someone else or an opinion you formed yourself – that evolution across animal classes is not possible.

              As our understanding of the natural world has progressed and science has advanced, beliefs are either proven or disproven. This has happened throughout history and will continue to do so.

              Just one other point, I’d like to make…

              “Creationist don’t want to explain away evolution, they just see no reason to believe it since there is no evidence for it. I’m speaking of evolution from one species to another.”

              I’m not sure you understand what you’re referring to. A separate species is in fact created as a new adaptation is formed. As an example, there are over 17,000 different species of butterflies known to man. Over time, through natural selection, some of these species evolved to acclimate themselves to whatever environment they found themselves in. When a new species is found, it’s not a completely different animal, in fact, it usually the tiniest of changes in appearance or physiology that classifies it as a new species, i.e. making it different from all known species.

              Even Darwin found several species of finches when he surveyed the Galapagos Islands. Over time, the only finches that could survive on each respective island were those that had a beak best suited for the food source found on the island.

              That’s evolution across species. As you move further and further back through time, these small changes can add up to bigger and bigger changes. The whole point of natural selection is that the strongest survive, that is those that are best suited to live in that particular environment will live longer and over time all other species (those without a particularly advantageous mutation) eventually die off.

              The fact that you don’t really know what a species is, leads me to believe that your belief is really based off something you read or someone told you and really has nothing to do with “god” other than it was probably from a religious source.

            4. God has revealed that He created all things in the space of 6 days and that He created man from the dust of the ground. He didn’t reveal how exactly He did it but given His revelation and the lack of evidence you can come to the reasonable conclusion that He didn’t use Evolution.

              I’m using species in the common way as a group of organisms that is capable of interbreeding and producing offspring.

              Butterflies are and always have been butterflies, finches are and always have been finches. There is not to my knowledge one shred of evidence to the contrary.

              That is correct, I CHOOSE to believe God’s Word which I believe not only because I’ve read it but also because it is the most reasonable explanation for all I experience and know.

              Where do you’re beliefs come from?

  3. How does this lengthy diatribe contribute to appreciation of the concepts in the ConnectED program or why the bar was so low? I wonder which schools will be the 1% not served? Will the program encompass the stay at home bible thumper kids forced to never question anything or will they be allowed to stay disconnected from the real world?

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