Apple’s 16,210% rally as Macintosh turns 30

“The Macintosh has been quite a boon for Apple Inc (AAPL) shareholders,” Steven Russolillo reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“With the Mac celebrating its 30th anniversary on Friday, MoneyBeat took a look back at where Apple’s stock price traded 30 years ago,” Russolillo reports. “On a split-adjusted basis (remember Apple had two-for-one stock splits in 1987, 2000 and 2005), Apple closed at $3.41 on Jan. 24, 1984.”

“Fast forward 30 years later, and Apple closed Thursday at $556.18, meaning shares have risen 16,210% throughout the Mac’s lifetime,” Russolillo reports. “Here’s the tweet Apple CEO Tim Cook sent earlier today acknowledging the Mac’s birthday:”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. A big go fsck yo self to all the apple haters out there… you just cannot create, you just cannot fathom what it means. Get a Mac before, before it is too late and you leave this world more empty than when you came in!!!!

  2. Wow, a rise of 16,210% , truly a testimony of the effectiveness of analysts, Wall Street Whores and other Superior Beings on keeping Apple doomed to failure.

  3. What does this mean for a real supporter of Apple? In 1997, on the return of Steve Jobs, I came to the conclusion that the government would give Microsoft untold problems if Apple disappeared. Plus, my job as a sound engineer in Hollywood relied on Apple computers, and was only likely to grow, not shrink. I bought 4000 shares of Apple at $6something, using my 401K account. Ultimately by 1999 I had over 5000 shares at an average of $17. During the Lehman stock market collapse, I actually bought another 100 shares at $90. I sold in February of 2012 at $511. At 59 years old I’m now basically retired with a nest egg $2M more than I would have had without Apple. It took a pretty good retirement plan and made it spectacular. As you approach retirement you can’t logically have such a big holding in one stock, so my only Apple investments are via ETF’s I now hold. But it’s been quite a ride, and it wasn’t luck, it was continued analysis of the future of these people. Thanks, Steve.

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