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In 1984, Apple introduced the world to Macintosh.

It was designed to be so easy to use that people could actually use it.

And it came with a promise-that the power of technology taken from a few and put in the hands of everyone, could change the world.

That promise has been kept.

Today, we create, connect, share, and learn in ways that were unimaginable 30 years ago.

Imagine what we can accomplish in the next 30 years.

Explore 30 years of innovation on the Mac.

Apple has also produced a 2:52 “Mac 30” video featuring Moby, Maki Sugimoto, April Greiman, Daito Manabe, Hans Zimmer, Tinker Hatfield, Iris van Herpen, John Maeda, Noemi Trainor, Nick Knight, and Theodore Gray. See it here.

Apple also invites visitors to “Think back to your first Mac: However you discovered the Mac, we’d love to hear about it. Because your story is our story. Add your experience to those of other Mac users around the world, and help chronicle where Mac has been and what it’s been up to for the past 30 years. Tell us about your first Mac.” Tell Apple about your first Mac here.

MacDailyNews Note: MacDailyNews’ founder’s first Mac was a Macintosh 128K that was used in an advanced placement art class in high school in winter/spring 1984 – one of the very first Macs ever used! The Mac was procured by a very smart high school art teacher who could obviously see the future.

Happy Birthday, Mac!

Steve Jobs Macintosh

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s to the greatest computing platform the world has ever known!

Happy Birthday, Mac!

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