Bad news abounds for Google’s patent lawsuits as Apple, SimpleAir and Vringo are winning

“Things haven’t been going too well for Google in the patent litigation arena recently,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents.

“And there’s potential for further bad news as an Intellectual Ventures v. Motorola Mobility trial started in Delaware on Tuesday and the Federal Circuit is likely to issue its ruling on the ‘Posner appeal’ (which will most likely result in a remand requiring Motorola to defend itself against the ‘Steve Jobs patent’ and other Apple patents) soon, given that the appellate hearing was held four months ago,” Müller reports. “And while not a verdict or ruling, it’s also bad news for Google that Huawei settled with the Rockstar Consortium.”

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  1. google just bought a thermostat company, Nest, for $3.2 billion and IBM is trying to sell its low end server division to Lenovo in China for $2.3 billion. The symmetry of these numbers give the extremely superficial impression that one of these companies did a relatively bad deal… like perhaps Tony Fadell out negotiated IBM? Lenovo are better negotiators than Google? IBM caved to Lenovo’s lowball bid price?

    Now look at the GOOG purchase of NEST in the light of the Motorola purchase and the patents going south. Why is Carl Icahn not bugging them to spin off some companies

  2. Googles doing bad in the courts, well then their stock must be sky rocketing. What could they go up to now, $2,000 a share. Wow is that ever going to be a wild one when that goes. I betcha it will make the dotcom bust look like a bubble pop.

    1. Google is still making ridiculous profits with their search engine cash cow and can easily afford a stupid investment like Nest or Moto.
      The bubble burst because people were making stupid investments with no profits anywhere–i.e. more like Amazon’s business model.

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