ABC News to interview Apple CEO Cook about Mac’s 30th anniversary on January 24

“ABC News has announced that it has interviewed Apple CEO Tim Cook regarding the 30th anniversary of the Mac,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“The interview will air tomorrow night on World News with Diane Sawyer at 6:30 PM EST,” Gurman reports. “A small portion of the interview will be presented at 7 AM EST on Good Morning America.”

Gurman reports, “‘ABC News Anchor David Muir exclusively interviews Apple CEO Tim Cook on the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh and what is next for the company,’ ABC says.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


    1. “So what can we expect from Apple in the way of new products, Mr. Cook? We’ve heard rumours of smart watches, TVs, large screen phones, all sorts of things.”

      “Well, David, we never talk about our future plans. We think people like to be surprised. But I will say that we are working on some amazing new products that I think everyone will love…”

  1. I was going to say “oh crap” but on second thought I think this is a good thing. Maybe, just maybe, when AAPL takes one of its certain dives – as it does when investors are reminded of who is running their company – at lease someone on the sorry board of directors will take notice and at least ask a very simple question – do we need to discuss the future of our CEO? Maybe.

    1. Seriously J ? You still on the “Fire Tim Cook” rant ?

      The man who has just brokered deals with the biggest carriers in Japan and China, both of whom even Jobs couldn’t crack. The guy who just released the first 64 bit mobile devices ? And a heap of other shit ie mavericks, iOS 7, 100% renewable energy data centres, you know the rest. All this in the last 18 months or so.

      What will it take for you shut up except you won’t being that you are a nitwit, rolling out the same old meme. You’ve been quiet for a while and now you try to slide back in with your creepy comment.

      Pease go out and play on a motorway somewhere.

      1. I’m still on the Mavericks-shoulda-been-called-SeaLion rant,
        but I don’t think Tim should be fired, obviously he’s doing a great job.

        Anyone examine why a mobile device how a mobile device
        would make use of 64 bits before lauding it as praiseworthy?

    2. My first question would be: “Mr. Cook are you a complete dolt for allowing that jumped up designer Ive to ruin iOS 7?”

      Cook’s answer: “It’s the Tim Cook era, baby. F*** ups happen more commonly than you think. In fact it’s the new normal here at Apple – the uglification and dumbing down of everything. Basically I’ve done it to match my low IQ.

      Next question!”

  2. Cook should come on the show with a new Mac Pro and
    a human skull. He sits down, puts the Mac Pro on the
    table then sits the skull on top of it.
    “It’s Steve Jobs’s skull” he tells the interviewer.

    1. Then the skull starts talking as Tim Cook pulls its strings and throws his voice using his best Steve imitation. The interview proceeds with both Steve skull and Tim speaking, both complementing each other on their contributions to Apple.

  3. Just saw a portion of this interview on Good Morning America. Very interesting. David Muir asked TC about an I watch and Tim laughed and responded “Hooray.” He also mentioned he receives between 700-800 emails per day and reads each one. I believe he does this. He’s a workaholic but most of all as I have always maintained he’s genuine. More to come on ABC news tonight.

    1. Assuming it takes a minute to read each email, it’ll take him 13.3 hours a day to read 800 emails. No wonder he’s all in favor of dumbing down Apple products. He doesn’t have time for anything more complicated than a Neanderthal grunt for iOS design intricacies. The amount of crap being churned out by Apple these days is Everest-like.

        1. Why would you say that BLN is what is wrong with
          this country? Even if Cook managed an average of
          10 or 15 seconds per email (assuming he skips
          the UFO guys, the free energy guys, and cranks
          who suggest he takes Steve Job’s skull onto
          talks shows, Cook still would spend around
          3.3 hours a day reading email. Somehow it’s
          hard to imagine an effective CEO saying “Look,
          no one bug me for the next three hours, I
          gotta plow through about 800 emails from
          anyone who sends them.”
          “Well, Tim, there’s this China thing we gotta-”
          “No no no, I told you guys, I need these three hours.
          You fellas take care of that stuff.”

          1. You’re focusing on one sentence of his comment. I’m targeting his comment holistically. Consider the rest of his comment you didn’t read:

            “…No wonder he’s all in favor of dumbing down Apple products. He doesn’t have time for anything more complicated than a Neanderthal grunt for iOS design intricacies. The amount of crap being churned out by Apple these days is Everest-like.”

            See? Conclusions and name-calling. No different than Congress.

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