30 years on, Apple’s revolutionary Mac still influences

“Look around. Many of the gadgets you see drew inspiration from the original Mac computer,” Anick Jesdanun reports for The Associated Press. “Computers at the time typically required people to type in commands. Once the Mac came out 30 years ago Friday, people could instead navigate with a graphical user interface. Available options were organized into menus. People clicked icons to run programs and dragged and dropped files to move them.”

“The Mac introduced real-world metaphors such as using a trash can to delete files. It brought us fonts and other tools once limited to professional printers,” Jesdanun reports. “Most importantly, it made computing and publishing easy enough for everyday people to learn and use.”

“Apple sparked a revolution in computing with the Mac,” Jesdanun reports. “Without the Mac, we may never have had the iPhone or the iPad, and phones might do little more than make calls and send email.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]

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  1. No where was that more evident than when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 97. He took all of those crappy brown shoe, pizza, and tower boxes of Macs and reintroduced the Macintosh in an iMac form factor. The all-in-one, once again.

    The all-in-one revolution reignited a spark in people’s imaginations and nothing was sacred at Apple anymore, not even Newton. Everything was suspect.

    My sense is, an engineer at Apple took one look at the Bondi Blue iMac and thought why stop there? Why not reduce it to an even flatter form factor? Or just go smaller?

    The Macintosh, whether it be car or truck, will evolve into a spaceship for travel on many different levels, including health & rejuvenation.

    *pop* And then I woke up…

  2. I bought my first Mac in November of 84′. A 512KE. I eventually added a 20MB HD to it, and upped the memory to 4MB. I used it until 1997. In the end I just used it for my office accounting machine running MYOB. Apple was always about the highest quality. Not too many PC users get 13 years of use out of an OEM Windows PC.

    1. Same here. I bought a Mac 128K in ’84, had it upgraded to 512K then shortly after had it upgraded it to a Mac Plus. I personally upgraded the memory to the max (2MB?) Guess what? I still have it and it still boots and runs perfectly. I had a SuperMac 20MB SCSI external drive for it but the drive bearings failed after about ten years of constant use. When I first bought that 20MB hard drive I thought I’d never be able to fill it. But once I got connected to the internet with dial-up all that space suddenly disappeared. I had an external 800K floppy drive but that’s long gone.

      Those were some heady times. It was my first computer and I’ve never owned any computers except for Macs. I had a Byte Magazine subscription and when I first saw the Mac I knew I had to have it. The Mac OS GUI was years ahead of the DOS and CP/M PCs I used at work. It’s really has been a great 30 years with Apple and I hope the company will be around for many more years to come.

      1. I, too, got my first of many in the spring of ’84. The cost of a typist doing my dissertation (they charged by the page) for one draft and a final copy equalled the cost of 128k and a printer. 30 years on, I’ve converted two employers to Macs. It’s been a great ride, a bit difficult at times, but great nonetheless.

  3. Got my first Mac in 1992. I had a PC for university (had to, they didn’t allow macs). I was working for a new telco and they were replacing all the desktop stuff and just tossed the lot into a skip. I rescued a Mac II CPU. I scrounged around and found a 17″ colour monitor, enough good RAM sticks to give 8M and a 40M hd. All for free, yahoo !

    I was stoked, it blew me away how good this thing was. Everyone I knew had PCs with 640M of ram and twin floppies. A couple had an h/d maybe but no one had a colour screen.

    Never looked back, I’ve had a Mac IICi, PowerPC 805, PowerBook 540c, Powermac 3G desktop, PowerBook G4 Aluminium and now a MacBook Pro 17, iPhone 5 and my latest toy, an iPad Air.

    At work I always had to use windows machines, usually Dell desktops, Acer (horrible) laptops and other crap. The worst was an IBM think pad with that incredibly awful nipple thing in the middle of the keyboard. Unbelievably the guy who came up with that got a design award WTF !

    I always bring my mac laptop to work whether anyone likes it or not. As it’s usually me that allows stuff on the corporate IT network, I give myself permission.

    For over 20 years macs and apple have an oasis of sanity and common sense in an ocean of windows chaos and awfulness.

    Thank Steve for making my interaction with technology such a beautiful and inspiring ecosystem for me to play and work and create.

    1. “Everyone I knew had PCs with 640M of ram and twin floppies.”

      I think you meant to say, “640K”, not “M”. 640K was all anyone with a PC would ever need, according to sage Bill Gates.

  4. astonishing:

    Apple defined the world then and still does. Competition: Still flummoxed after 3 decades!

    2. IMPLEMENT don’t Invent:
    Who cares if Xerox not Apple invented the GUI or Mouse?
    You Apple Naysayers/Doomsayers bitch about absurdities that do not matter. What matters is not who invents, but who is first and/or best in IMPLEMENTING practical solutions for the the real world: it’s usually Apple! Not copiers. Bad copiers!

    even if Apple copies something, it doe not merely copy like all others.
    it Thinks Different!
    it rethinks, re-invents.
    it improves things. it helps evolution not gimmickry.

    show me another firm that is as inspiring and on all fronts!!
    not just product but ease of use, industrial design, aesthetics in product as well as marketing & packaging, top quality in customer care as well etc.

    show me another co. that excites as much.
    has more following.
    is more appreciated.
    changes everything in culture, even transmutes non-relatred industries.

    at most any co. had 1 culture/life-changing product/service.
    Apple already had 7!!

    Apple’s not only the sole firm to:
    a. succeed beyond its Era (PC/Web/Post-PC Mobile worlds)
    b. be a phoenix (1997 near-bankruptcy)
    c. but a phoenix that arose to stratospheric heights (becoming the richest co. in history)!!

    and still bitchers bitch they know better how to run Apple and what it “must” do to survive, as if it’s not proven to be the Top example of Survival of the Fittest, whilst all these big mouths, preach while they’re poor and/or unsuccessful and never did a single culture-changing thing. but they all know better than Apple. Apple is continually doomed. Apple has no more vision oomph left. Meanwhile, in between Apple re-inventions such as the best real SmartPhone & tablet, these same butchers appreciate the interim perfections Apple updates us with, before they launch the new invention such as we’ll see in totally new category this 2014, but we keep bitching that’s it’s never enough, as if Apple is obliged to change the world every 1/2 year, whilst we dare call competition innovative just for a new color button or scrolling sideways instead of left?!

    No matter how much you cry over spilled milk or bitch that Apple is unfair as it only litigate vs innovates as of late: As Schiller said at WWDC 2013-06-10 “Can’t innovate anymore, my ASS”

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