Analyst: Apple to launch 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in June; larger 5.7-inch iPhone model due this autumn

“According to Chinese analyst Sun Chyang Xu, who was pretty spot on about Google X phone developments last year, Apple may start the trial production of 4.7” iPhone 6 as early as next month,” Stasys Bielinis reports for Unwired View.

“Then, if things go as planned, it will begin a full scale mass production in May,” Bielinis reports. “Which is about right for iPhone 6 announcement during Apple WWDC conference on June 10th.”

“According to Chyang Xu, the 4.7” iPhone will keep the 1136×640 pixel screen resolution of its predecessor,” Bielinis reports. “With higher resolution displays reserved for the bigger 5.7” iPhones later.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no. Doubtful. Apple usually likes to introduce new models concurrently, not a few months apart pissing off those who bought a larger phone but wanted the LARGEST phone. Assuming any of this is remotely accurate. And you know what they say about assume.

    1. Apple is not going to release a new iPhone 6 at WWDC. That’s not what WWDC is for, plus the iPhone 6 warrants it own special event.

      Apple will never release a 5.7″ iPhone. Very few massive phones are actually sold, and Apple would rather sell people an iPhone and an iPad mini than one larger device.

    2. “Apple announced the redesigned iMac at its media event on October 23, but noted that the 21.5-inch model would not begin shipping until November with the 27-inch models following in December. Apple began taking orders for both sizes on November 30, with the 27-inch models seeing 2-3 week shipping estimates at that time. ”

      We also know for the late 2012 iMac release, that it took a lot longer than 2-3 weeks on average to receive a 27″ model.

      Who’s to say Apple won’t do the same thing for these rumored iPhones.

  2. But, but, but….I had my left arm removed by a hacksaw…how can I operate a 4.7″ phone one handed?

    And, and, and…I’ve only got one good eye, so I’ll be able to see all the larger pixels if I squint really hard and put the phone an inch away from my one good eye…

    And, and, and…I’ve only got the use of five fingers. How will I reach the top end of the screen?

    Sounds to me Apple is giving me faster horses…where’s my buggy whip?

  3. Why would MDN even link to this drivel? Apple is never going to release two phones months apart. If anything interesting gets announced at WWDC it will probably be either a new Mac mini or updated Apple TV, maybe with a new UI and developer SDK.

    1. Of course, it has to be a full 4K resolution, anything less than that on a 4.7″ screen is just…. unthinkable
      …and it must have a centronics port for my dot matrix printer.

  4. To be read: 4.7 to come out in fall 5.7 probably not going to happen.

    Personally, I would jump at a 5.7 device and call it a day, but I find it difficult to believe Apple is getting into the phablet business. I believe it’s becoming apparent that we are getting a larger screen, but 5.7? IDK

    I also don’t think Apple is going to mess with their release schedules anytime soon. So this disparages the rumor a bit for now.

  5. When Apple finally adopts OLED screens it could result in bigger screens without increasing the overall handset size. Might even make them thinner. Here’s a concept design with a 4.8″ screen to prove it…

    iPhony 7 ad

    1. proof? you calling a render proof? thats just silly if you think this is actually a working manufactured device. you can render anything on a computer to look real but isnt just like this iPhone being nearly “paper thin”

      1. Thanks for your feedback. The concept design proves that it is geometrically possible to have a significantly bigger screen without a significantly bigger form factor. The dimensions are provided for you to prove or disprove for yourself.

        All that’s failed here is your english comprehension, your maths or both.

        You’ve made a false comparison with a ‘paper thin’ iPhone. The iPhone 7 concept in question is 5mm thick nevertheless, thinner/lighter, smaller bezels/larger screens are well established Apple design trends – concept designs should reflect that.

  6. I’m sure that whenever Apple launches a larger display iPhone the Wall Street pundits will claim that Apple is too late to the market and that the high-end smartphone market is already over-saturated, so those new iPhone sales will be weak. Someone will have to point out some reason why Apple will fail.

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