Apple may have set a new all-time iPhone unit sales record

“There’s a lot chatter in the tech press right now about iPhone sales to China Mobile, Apple’s newest and biggest partner,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“But when the company reports its earnings a week from Monday, the iPhone result traders will be keyed in on is how many units Apple sold in the quarter before the China Mobile dea,” P.E.D. reports. “With a crop of new phones, a year’s pent-up demand, plenty of supply, more Apple stores and lots of holiday shoppers, there’s no reason Apple shouldn’t turn in another record quarter of iPhone sales — Android and Samsung be damned.”

MacDailyNews Take: They already are damned.

“The consensus among the 44 analysts we’ve heard from so far — 27 professionals and 17 amateurs — is unit sales of 55.3 million iPhones, up 16% from the same quarter last year,” P.E.D. reports. “We’ll find out who was closest to the mark when Apple reports its fiscal Q1 2014 earnings after the markets close on Monday, Jan 27.”

The full list of all 44 individual analysts’ iPhone unit sales estimates for Apple’s Q114 here.

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    1. “Apple may have set a new all-time iPhone unit sales record”

      To misquote someone else along a completely unrelated line . . . At this point what does it matter? Wall Street pundits/analysts/hedge fund managers/etc. will come up with some other prominent negative slant to drive AAPL down below 500, positive news be damned.

      Please forgive the cynicism, folks. Too many scars and bruises here defending my favorite company/equity to ignore.

      1. Exactly. Much as I hate to consider this, my APPL stock is heading for a sale if it ever gets to 700. It never fails to defy any positive news about Apple and it’s just too much heartache to see it nose dive on great news.

      2. The Loyal Apple Apologists never seem to understand that all of these so-called “record numbers” doesn’t amount to a hill of small beans. I’ve seen nearly bankrupt companies’ stock have more shareholder value than Apple in 2013. If you really stop to think about it, Tim Cook must be running a Ponzi scheme at Apple. Seriously, this is supposedly the post-PC era and Apple is supposed to be leading this post-PC era. Am I right? So why are all the PC companies going up in value and Apple is going down in value. All of money Apple is making must be going into Tim Cook’s self-made black hole. Shareholders see only a tiny amount of that money like the light that escapes from a black hole.

        Whatever. Just don’t expect some high iPhone numbers to boost Apple’s share price as long as Cook is around. Cook is like the iceberg that ripped open the Titanic and sent it to its watery grave. That’s exactly what he’s doing to Apple shareholder’s hopes. Apple’s share price has already been recently sucked from $570 down to $540, so even if Apple goes up it probably won’t even get back up to $570. I’m sorry but this is no way to pull investors into a company. Apple is sitting on a stack of cash the height of Mt. Everest while the stock sits at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

        If I hear Tim Cook saying one more time that there are awesome products on the way, I’m going to scream. Wall Street takes one look at these awesome products and the share price plummets. Google gets a bunch of Nest thermostats and the stock shoots up like a multistage rocket. Whatever is going on at Apple always ends up as a 500 megaton atomic wedgie for shareholders. Tim Cook needs to stand up like a man and tell shareholders he doesn’t have a clue how to boost Apple’s stock price and be done with it. Beware of the coming Apple Apocalypse January 27. It’ll be a doozy.

        1. If you own shares in Apple and this is how you feel then you are either a hypocrite or a fool; invest elsewhere.

          If you do not own shares in Apple then it is nothing to you, and you are just another simple minded troll.

        2. Stock Price and company viability/performance are NOT related in any meaningful way. Stock prices are based on speculation regarding perceived potential. Disruptive companies are not understood by Wall St. and the stock price lunacy illustrates that misunderstanding.

    2. The CURRENT record sales actually means that larger phones are NOT needed; Apple should keep making phones that actually fit into your pocket and do not look ridiculous next to your head when making calls.

      Magical thinness, and a reduction in the outer dimensions by eliminating the longer-side “bezel” (edge-to-edge display using that new “sapphire” glass). That’s the direction to take, not humongous phones that Samsung (and the rest of the Android collective) make because they can’t miniaturize as expertly as Apple. Their huge screen is an excuse disguised as a feature. Make the next iPhone as SMALL and LIGHT as possible, while maintaining the current 4-inch Retina display, 64-bit performance, and proven usability.

          1. But it would go a long way toward shutting up those people that are hard-up for a larger Apple phone, so there’s that.

            It might also attract some of those Android users that would purchase an Apple device if it weren’t for the size of the screen.

            1. There is no way Apple will ever shut up those people and Tim Cook is smart enough not to bother trying.

              Whatever Apple does, there will be a vocal contingent that says “Yes – but what they need to do now is … “.

              Apple creates what it believes is the best possible product – not something designed by a committee of commentators. The sales numbers demonstrate that Apple is consistently on the right track.

            2. So your business case for a large iPhone is to shut “those people” up? Apple is about creating great products users love. Samsung needs to come out with the next big thing quick as their market, mind and profit share is tanking. With each release of a new iPhone Samsung looks a little more desperate.

              Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt a large iPhone will sell. The problem is when you have record sales of a product changing the formula to continue that isn’t so straight forward.

      1. I think Apple will do both. There is an Apple audience for a larger phone and frankly I think many doubt-sayers will be a little embarrassed when those sales figures come out and they’re HUGE. Pent up demand I’m sure will be something. I’m with you though, keep the 4″ make it slimmer, maybe make it the same size but the screen edge to edge.

  1. It’s always puzzled me why bloggers, pundits and certain voices on Wall Street keep searching for tech leadership when the answer is right in front of them.

    1. Hilarious and surreal, isn’t it.

      It reminds me of that odd urban myth meme about noting people wearing shoes on their heads as being a sign of ‘The End Times’. I can’t trace where this meme originated. It’s NOT biblical. The first time I saw it in action was the very End Times oriented film ‘Brazil’.

      Equally: What can one say about bashing AAPL when, yet again, Apple proves how much in continues to THRIVE as the 2007 economic depression continues to drag on and on and on….

      1. Ahhh. Brazil, one of my favorite movies. It was a great warmup for 1984. The music was good, the leading lady was beautiful, and the national government beast was in scary form. And, Robert DeNiro was in it too!

  2. The market will take it in stride and say “The news was already baked into the price.” Sell on news. AAPL takes a 3% drop.

    The only remedy I see is for us, the fans, to buy AAPL and start the bandwagon rolling for other ‘Johnny come lately’ types to see the rise and start buying. That is how the market works.

    1. Is the term “baked in” only used for Apple as in baking an Apple pie? I don’t usually hear that term used for other companies share prices. It’s annoying to hear that term used because there’s never any indication what’s “baked in” and what isn’t in regards to Apple’s share price. It’s just a really weird term to use as far as I can figure. I’d figure how could China Mobile be baked in when hardly anyone knew for certain there would be a deal made.

  3. Company A sold 100 million units and made 4 million in profit. Company B sold 10 million units at a profit of 40 million. Company A stock sores, company B stock plummets. Company A is supreme success. Company B is a total failure.

    I don’t get it.

  4. I think a larger screened iPhone would be great. Not phablet size but edging 5″. And it would complement their products.

    The MacBook comes in two screen sizes.
    So does the iPad.
    And the iMac.
    And the MacBook Air.
    So why not the iPhone?

  5. Who cares about people seeking quarter-to-quarter gains? They’re lightweights who are can’t handle it if their attention deficits disorders can’t be calmed down with another hit.

    Over the past 5 years, AAPL is up 500%, meanwhile GOOG is only up 250%, the NASDAQ is only up 200% and the S&P is up 120%. Where do you think the smart money is?

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