Dead to me: Apple’s Schiller ‘unfollows’ Tony Fadell and Nest after Google acquisition

“Only a few days after ‘father of the iPod’ Tony Fadell agreed to sell thermostat and smoke detector maker Nest to Google for north of three billion dollars, Apple senior vice president (and former Fadell colleague) Phil Schiller has unfollowed the Nest CEO and the Nest company on Twitter,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“As the protector of Apple’s brand, Schiller’s unfollowing of Fadell and Nest is perhaps unsurprising,” Gurman reports. “With the Nest deal, a source says that Google will gain approximately 200 former Apple employees.”

“The majority of Nest employees worked at Apple over the course of their careers, with many being involved in high-profile projects like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone,” Gurman reports. “The design of the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect have also been compared to the designs of Apple products, so the fact that Nest’s products are now under the umbrella of Apple’s fiercest competitor may not be a pleasing sight for Apple’s marketing head.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We never followed Tony or Nest Labs, but we are replacing our Nest thermostats with fuller featured, far more reliable Honeywell devices.

A lot has been made of Google getting former Apple employees with their wild overpayment for Nest Labs. However, if Apple really wanted and valued these employees, they’d still be at Apple.


  1. Just checked out out the Honeywell’s WiFi touch screen smart Thermostat.
    Looks great with more features and larger screen – only $197 on Amazon. Model RTH9590WF1003/U.
    Got it !! …………No money for you Tony “Google” Fadell!

    1. I have a Honeywell touch thermostat with two wifi satellite thermostats. It’s all hooked into a wifi four damper system with a Honeywell steam humidifier. Works great and very efficient, but I set the temperature, not the freakin’ thermostat.

  2. I guess I am just an old fuddy ruddy. I cannot believe that we are becoming a nation of people too lazy to set their thermostat, too lazy to even push a button on their TV remote, wanting to just talk to it or wave their hand. So lazy they cannot even walk to the front door to lock it, even so lazy they cannot turn on or off a light. Just how lazy are people becoming? The whole thing is nuts in my view.

    1. If u live in Cupertino u don’t get them temperature swings of 36F in the morning, 82F in the afternoon, and depending on which room gets the afternoon sun, even more. That’s why it’s nice to have damper controls for each room. Some rooms will stay cold most of the time and don’t need much air circulation, other rooms like bathrooms are warm all the time.

  3. However, if Apple really wanted and valued these employees, they’d still be at Apple.

    What a pathetic, petty, sophomoric opinion.

    Maybe the employees in question wanted a new challenge.

    Maybe they wanted to gain equity in a new venture with lots of upside.

    Maybe working at Nest with Fadell was a preferable environment for them personally.

    In short, MDN has no idea why these people left their jobs at Apple.

    An observation though: if the people who worked at Apple were so poor at what they did and so lacking in value – as MDN chooses to infer from Apple’s lack of interest in retaining them or chooses to imply to its audience – then why did MDN go and buy Nest products – in which it is obviously so dissatisfied – in the first place.

  4. It is always funny to see MDN rant about their business partner Google.

    So suddenly the Honeywell is a better product simply because Google bought Nest makes me question their ability to evaluate technology on its merits.

    Talk about emotional hyperbole!

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