Dead to me: Apple’s Schiller ‘unfollows’ Tony Fadell and Nest after Google acquisition

“Only a few days after ‘father of the iPod’ Tony Fadell agreed to sell thermostat and smoke detector maker Nest to Google for north of three billion dollars, Apple senior vice president (and former Fadell colleague) Phil Schiller has unfollowed the Nest CEO and the Nest company on Twitter,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“As the protector of Apple’s brand, Schiller’s unfollowing of Fadell and Nest is perhaps unsurprising,” Gurman reports. “With the Nest deal, a source says that Google will gain approximately 200 former Apple employees.”

“The majority of Nest employees worked at Apple over the course of their careers, with many being involved in high-profile projects like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone,” Gurman reports. “The design of the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect have also been compared to the designs of Apple products, so the fact that Nest’s products are now under the umbrella of Apple’s fiercest competitor may not be a pleasing sight for Apple’s marketing head.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We never followed Tony or Nest Labs, but we are replacing our Nest thermostats with fuller featured, far more reliable Honeywell devices.

A lot has been made of Google getting former Apple employees with their wild overpayment for Nest Labs. However, if Apple really wanted and valued these employees, they’d still be at Apple.


  1. I considered a nest thermostat (for $250!). Would have bought it if it could have done what I needed. Bought a Honeywell thermostat ($99) that does exactly what I need. Liked it so much that I bought another.

  2. I did buy a nest smoke detector. I now regret: it’s creepy. It monitors when you go to bed (green LED indicator when you turn out the lights in the evening. It monitors when you are up during the night (a white light to light your way). It has motion sensors, light sensors, chemical sensors (to detect smoke and CO). It has wi-fi and a web account to collect my data. Google already knows what I search, what I watch on Youtube, what I buy. They have an image of my house and the rest of my street. Why would I let them have data from my nest. Google looks evil-er and evil-er. Don’t infest my nest.

  3. Don’t discount the former apple employees. These guys had access to the approach that was taken for developing the best mobile devices ever made (to date).
    Also people move to go in a different direction, not just because they were not worth it. Google have probably gain some good talent. We’ll have to see if they can make anything of them.
    No Nest products for me. I don’t use google anymore and won’t aid them in anyway if I can help it.

  4. I’ve seen the Nest demonstrated and thought about eventually getting one, but after being bought by Goog that’s not going to happen.

    However… Schiller’s unfollow and MDN’s take both strike me as rather juvenile.

    “… fuller featured, far more reliable Honeywell devices.” Really? Can’t say that about my Honeywell thermostat.

    Wasn’t it Honeywell that hit Nest with what was essentially an absurd “look and feel” lawsuit because the Nest is round.

    1. In addition, just because a number of Nest people are former employees of Apple (or any company, for that matter), it doesn’t follow that they are incompetent losers who couldn’t hack it. Incompetent people tend to get fired… although it does not follow that people who are fired are incompetent. Sometimes it’s just office politics and such.

      Even at the best companies, talented and intelligent people leave good jobs for all kinds of worthwhile reasons.

      1. I own the high-end Nest thermostat and it is great. I was looking to get more and get one of the smoke detectors to. However, I was unaware the Google was a part owner and now a full owner and I have strong concerns about Google having access to my comings, goings and energy usage. I have not ruled out the smoke detector yet. If it doesn’t report back data to Google, I may still consider it.

  5. How childish…a man of 50 years+ unleashes a form of disapproval (revenge) by unfollowing someone via social media. There’s something very juvenile about this action and that it’s considered noteworthy news.
    I don’t like the Nest/Google news, but this article’s import is sad…esp b/c I’m Apple deep & in light of these kind of reports: & .

    1. What’s more childish is MDN replacing their Nest thermostats for Honeywell models just because Google bought Nest, and then stating that Honeywell is far more reliable after singing the praises of Nest for months. Hypocrisy.

      I’ll keep my Nest thermostats. They are fantastic devices.

    2. “Unleashes”? He clicked a button. He didn’t make a big deal out of it. He didn’t make any sort of pronouncement. He just clicked a button. He might have even been 50-50 about it, but in the end decided to unfollow.

      “in light of these reports”? You are reading *way* too much into this.

  6. I have the nest protect smoke detector as well as the second generation thermostat. I hated to hear google bought the company, but I will not get rid of those devices despite this happening. I’m not happy about it, and wished apple had bought the company, however, theres nothing as nice as the nest thermost, and that wont change regardless of who owns the company. I like the smoke detectors too. I will always use Apple products when I can because they are the best.

    1. You echo my sentiment. I invested in a couple of Nest thermostats for my home. They are already saving me money and I like the flexibility of controlling them from anywhere with a web connection. Sure, I hated the news that Google was taking the company over, but the thermostat is a very well made and implemented product that should not suffer from this acquisition.

  7. Google pays over the odds to gain skill set of workforce.

    surely not…. this has never been done before…. not even Apple would buy a company to get the workforce that comes with it…..I’m shocked.

    Equally, how many of Nests potential products were first considered by their workforce when working for Apple ?

  8. apple is a gestalt ..everything they do, how they do it, how they approach, how they inspire their colleagues to see the current vision, etc. some people say it’s magic …but, it’s a gestalt. it’d be pointless to try and list all the things that make a contribution.

    conversely, gestalts are a little bit like magic. i’m pretty sure, though, that petty jealousies and petty resentments aren’t part of the magic. i bet sj would tell his fellow officers to stay focused cuz no good vision needs a distraction unless, of course, your girlfriend says she needs a new pair of shoes. and maybe, a bra and a nice top. maybe, some nice stretchy jeans.

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