Apple’s iOS 7.1: User Interface improvements coming (with video)

“Most of us were earlier adopters of iOS 7,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “I held out for two weeks, but only two weeks.”

“Most people who own a modern iPhone or iPad are running iOS 7,” Reschke writes. “It would take a conscious effort and specific reasons NOT to upgrade.”

“That said, iOS 7 has some serious interface drawbacks,” Reschke writes. “That is why this video gives us some hope. It is of someone who has a white iPhone running iOS 7.0.4 and a black iPhone running a developmental version of iOS 7.1. After watching it, I was reminded again of how ‘half-baked’ iOS 7 is on the interface front.”

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    1. I won’t speculate on your reasons for disliking the interface but most people that I have come across that don’t like it simply don’t like change.

      The inerface took some getting used to but I love the new design. It is simpler and forward looking.

      1. “forward looking” ? how is a less legible, less liked, washed out interface “forward looking”? The conventional wisdom is that the leap to 64 bit required impressive engineering under the hood, but the vast majority of users I know are ambivalent at best about the new UI. For others, myself included, the disappointment is acute. there is no “getting used to” something that is harder to read and harder to use for many tasks. Stupid stylistic changes are not improvements. Time has come for Apple to leave it to the user to select the skin and font.

        1. Thank you Paul.
          iOS 7 is absolutely hideous, and you don’t get used to hideous, you just have to put up with it.
          7 less intuitive in every respect and a step backwards for usability.
          Gee, I can now easily adjust the screen brightness. Great. In iOS 6 **I didn’t need to fiddle with the brightness all flippin day**.
          I’m only on iOS 7 because I was not aware I couldn’t go back. Nobody can accuse me of not liking change. But change should go forwards. This does not.
          Oh, and you 1 star people can eat my boxers.

    2. iOS 7 is awesome. I love the new design overall. It does clearly need work in some areas, but I did not expect such a new and bold redesign to be perfect in the first iteration. I trust that iOS 7.1 and future incremental updates will fix the design where it’s needed.

    3. You speak the truth.

      I have been an Apple user and owner since the Lisa days.

      Memo to Tim: Apple royally screwed up the lifeless look of iOS7.

      Fix it now. Offer choice. Offer skins.

      Pretty please. 🙂

      I just want my apps to look better …

    4. That’s a pretty meaningless comment. Being that it doesn’t look like any crap I have produced–your mileage may differ–what you have written literally has no meaning besides as an expression of your disdain.

      Now, if there’s a particular detail(s) of iOS 7 you don’t like–that would be worth discussing.

      And since I am inquiring, I have to ask: What makes iOS 7 “terrible design?” Considering that it’s not a remarkably huge leap from iOS 6, I am curious as to what your problems with it are.

      Other than a resemblance to feces (which you might want to see a doctor about, by the way), that is.

      1. For one, way too much white everywhere, it’s absurd, specially in safari as I am typing this with the white keyboard, white window and white title bar. it’s ridiculous. Then there is the changing of positions of menus, changing appearance of buttons in apps and other things like that which confuse novice & average users.

        1. I agree. I liked the charcoal colours in iOS 6. Someone else mentioned having skins. Enabling a charcoal ski would fix things for sure. Hopefully Apple is listening to its customers at

    5. Why does the iTunes have screen elements off the screen on the right hand side going off into space, and does anyone know a way to get rid of the crappy radio presets. iTunes sucks in 7.

  1. I just wished Apple would make it possible to “upgrade” back to iOS 6. No joke, but people have asked me if I have successfully downloaded Android or any of its Roms (like Cyanogen) on my iPhone and even said that that was “awesome”! Please, Apple, can you do this so it would spare some of us the embarrassment of have an Android?

    1. If you made a backup on iTunes before upgrading to iOS 7 then if you don’t get on with the new OS there is nothing stopping you from loading iOS 6 back on. I know because I did it. I have an iPhone 4 and although I like iOS 7, there were too many compromises for iPhone 4 owners (many of the key features are missing) and there was lots of lag, so I’m happily back on iOS 6 until I finally upgrade to an iPhone 5s or 6, I like iOS 6, but from what I’ve seen iOS7 looks very nice as well, on the right hardware of course.

      1. Actually, this isn’t true. You can’t downgrade once you’ve upgraded to a consumer version of iOS 7. If you were on a beta version, then yes. But if you upgraded like everyone else did through the software update feature, the upgrade changes your baseband firmware to an upgraded version, making it impossible to downgrade to an earlier version.

        1. Wrong,I never had a beta version. I downloaded iOS 7 the day after release and reverted to my iOS 6 backup the following day. I’m typing on my iPhone now using iOS 6. I would never risk using a beta as this is my main phone.

          1. No, YOU are wrong.
            I was unable to go back and neither was anyone I know able to either. Apple made it impossible, end of debate.
            I spent literally a week trying.

            1. If you type in downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6 in your search engine there are instructions on how to use your backup to achieve this. These are rhe very instructions I used to achieve this Successfully along with many other people. However, now after revisiting the same link I see that Apple has made it extremely difficult to do this simple backup restore and it now requires a fair amount of technical effort to achieve and can only be acomplished with an iPhone 4. Apple should not be blocking the ability for iPhone 4 users to downgrade as iOS 7 doesn’t work smoothly enough on this older technology. That’s just my opinion. And just to clarify, I absolutely DID load iOS 7 onto my iPhone 4 and subsequently restored my iOS 6 backup as I am using at this very moment.

          2. You’re absolutely 100% wrong! There is absolutely NO WAY you can go back to iOS 6 once you have upgraded to iOS 7. NO WAY!

            There was a brief window of opportunity that Apple allowed you to revert to iOS 6 but they closed that window within 4 days of issuing the iOS 7 upgrade. If you didn’t revert within that time frame, you’re fried.

            That’s how they ‘massage’ the figures for iOS 7 to such a high level. Bastards.

  2. Band Aid to staunch a gaping arterial wound. iOS 7 still looks like something my dog spewed on the carpet.

    The only solution seems to be reverting to iOS 6, the best iteration of iOS since iPhone OS that was launched by Steve Jobs in 2007. The original is the best.

    Look at Diet Coke vs real Coke. No substituting shit for the real thing.

      1. Can’t do that. Apple abandoned cats and is now shipping beaches.

        … but yes, given the choice to use OS X versus iOS, the best of them all was a Snow Leopard, a very fine feline indeed.

    1. I have never owned an Android device. But I am happy to tell Apple when they screw up.

      It would appear I’m not alone. You, sir, need to learn when you’re outvoted by the masses. The majority of people who dislike iOS 7 are not “trolls”, so stop deluding yourself.

      1. I’m no great fan of iOS 7 graphically but at the same time having used it for months I really can’t get up a head of steam to criticise it you get used to it and I expect it to evolve to a better place and from usability point of view it’s far better that previous iterations. And let’s be honest iOS 6 had become like walking in ever thickening mud with little technical improvement and further over elaboration of a mature graphical look that overall seemed more interested in perfecting stitches on leather than innovation sadly. Next version is the one I will judge to see if there is real innovation in use AND look.

        1. Elements in iOS 7 that are ‘technical advancements’ over iOS 6 are superficially advancements until you take a look under the hood. Then you discover they’re not really advancements at all but regressions. iOS 7 causes more crashes than iOS 6. The flip up movement to dismiss apps does nothing at all. I prefer closing apps by clicking on the close button on the task bar – much faster and less risk of touching the wrong app due to all the blurred movements.

          And the moving clock face graphic showing an app downloading and installing is just asinine. Stupidly asinine. My God iOS 7 looks like a regression back to two dimensional finger paintings drawn by cavemen in 32000 BC from a Rembrandt that characterises the hyper-realistic iOS 6.

          1. Flipping the large rectangles to shut the app down is definitely one big improvement over looking for the little teeny minus signs. There was some good, there was some bad. The look of 7….meh…Johnny is better at hardware than software, but maybe he’ll catch on soon with experience. Remember, he is stuck using what he designs also.

      2. Outvoted by the masses? Oh you mean like when Microsoft over took apple? And when Job’s was outed by Apple? You mean those masses? The ones that make you stick to your guns and forget the naysayers?

        Cheers, if being outed by the masses means have faith like the past has showen then I’m outed, but I’ll never ever be told this thred doesn’t have trolls as clearly it does.

    2. No, we just DON”T LIKE the UI and for good reason. There’s good reason there are petitions out there to fix all the crappiness. I like the new features but not enough to update my iPhone 5 past iOS6. Not yet anyway. I think iOS6 is far more professional looking. I’m stuck with 7 on my iPad Air and once in a while cringe over the fugly UI. Love the hardware though.

  3. Still has the AWFUL thin type, and many of the stupid changes made by Jony Ive. And for the love of God would someone at Apple please fix the iTunes interface. It’s sad, how bad it is. I hear from many of my friends who switched complain about it, and they are spot on. It SUCKS.

      1. The way the fonts were handled in IOS7 was revised from prior iOS versions. Sadly, Apple continued to force the user into a sans-serif font. For a company who used to pride itself in allowing the user better font & graphics options, it’s really quite pathetic that Apple couldn’t bother to allow the user to have control in iOS by now.

  4. I fail to see adequate UI improvement in iOS 7.1.

    I will not be updating the OS on my iPad past iOS 6, and am seriously considering trading my phone with another family member since reverting back to iOS 6 is practically impossible.

    Apple deserves the criticism it gets for the juvenile, inefficient, and illegible Hello Kitty interface it barfed up for us.

      1. really? that’s your contribution to the discussion?

        apparently you can’t defend Apple’s horrid iOS7 UI, so you just attack people who don’t worship Apple’s every move?

        get a life.

  5. At least it looks like they figured out the word contrast starts with a C. It’a a start. Now if they would just go to and look up Mystery Meat Navigation they might straighten this thing out before they switch to an all black interface in iOS8 and have to start all over.

  6. Those wanting to upgrade to iOS6 from iOS 7 were locked out by Apple’s PR machine. They closed off signing iOS installs very quickly compared to previous versions so you could not go back unless you archived your previous setup.

    You would;t want Phil to have to apologize for the butt ugly UI that is iOS 7.

    1. Let me see if I understand… You’re upset about the amount of Apple news on a website that reports Apple news?

      In other news, I was just reading Rolling Stone. Boy do they need to chill with the articles about music. It’s getting old.


  7. Sorry, but iOS 7 is far better than any version before it. YES, it has some interface problems, which can and may be fixed and refined over time, but wanting to revert back to an older version is just asinine.

    There are many, many fundamental improvements to the interface and core OS within iOS 7 that will carry the platform forward for another 10 years, most importantly the ability to scale in size, performance and functionality.

    If you have issues, whining on a blog isn’t going to change anything. Go to Apple’s feedback page and let them know.

    1. No, my mother accidentally upgraded to iOS 7 because of Apple’s sneaky pop-up without proper description of the consequences. She just wants her old iPad back and wants to want to downgrade. For non-power users many of the changes were a disaster leaving them with need to re-learn many UI elements etc. That is absolutely retarded. Having to get used to all the idiotic changes for the sake of change and changes that are frustrating it the asinine part! Button changes, icon changes, menu position changes. F-ing brilliant (/s)

      1. So weird, it’s almost like your mother isn’t that target audience…

        For the rest of us who don’t have trouble finding a button that moved on a screen (or as you call it relearning a UI) it’s a very good update that breathed new life into a shamefully outdated os. Quit your crying. Technology doesn’t wait for your mom.

        1. The elderly and novice users are absolutely a big target audience for such a simple and easy to use device. For all of them out there why not allow them to downgrade if they didn’t like it? Is it really such a big deal to flip the switch on the Apple permission servers to allow people to reinstall iOS 6? I don’t expect Apple to slow down for the sake of the elderly and people who do not like to adapt. But I do expect them to let us do what the F*** we want with our own hardware we paid a lot of money for!

      2. Hey apple if your reading this, please check with ivid’s mom for your next UI update. Sure she has trouble adapting to change, but I’m sure her input will be invaluable in a fast paced technology environment.

        1. Ha ha good one actually. I can laugh at this. She actually is a lot more technical than most elderly people. She learned windows at one point before she got a Mac! My point was that she didn’t want a completely different iPad than what she’s used to. It was really idiotic from a UI design perspective to change so many fundamental things in the UI. Like a few people have pointed out in this post it’s not intuitive!

      3. I agree. I SO wish the interior and controls of my current Mercedes looked and worked just like my old Ford Escort did back in 1972. And fancy making televisions where you can’t get to the buttons and have to use one of those new fangled remote control things.

    2. Okay, then please elaborate specifically what the under-the-hood improvements do for the user.

      – 64 bit is great if only there were apps to support it. if you updated a legacy iPhone, you’re just carrying more overhead
      – the support for iPhone 5S features (fingerprint ID, advanced camera functions) are useless for anyone with a prior iPhone
      – the GUI in IOS7 is more battery and processor hungry than ever before. Again, a serious downgrade for anyone without an iPhone 5S or the latest iPads.

      So tell us, what must-have under-the-hood improvements are there for the iPhone 5 owner?

      1. Who said anything about under-the-hood improvements? I mean we won’t go in to the myriads of technologies added to the os. But let’s pretend for a second this article is about the UI (oh wait…).

        iOS 6 was dated and needed to be put out to pasture, end of story. iOS 7 is more user friendly at almost every turn. It was a tremendous update. And as with all new things there’s some fine tuning that needs to occur. Probably not something your familiar with on the non-upgradable android you undoubtedly actually use.


        1. So you can’t name one single thing that iOS7 accomplishes that iOS6 didn’t, and you don’t care about under-the-hood improvements, but you have the gall to claim that iOS6 needed to be retired? WTF are you? Change for the sake of change is waste. If Apple actually improved the user interface, i’ve not seen it. if anything, crap like animation slows down the UI (yes, i know about the options buried under the “accessibility” options). When the vast majority of your user base has to go online to find out how to make the UI more readable and less bogged down with useless parallax, then you know you have a dud on your hands. iOS7 is NOT appreciated by many, if not most, diehard Apple users I work with. If you can’t accept that, then YOU are the fanboy. One who speaks truth to obstinate fanboys is not a troll.

    3. I couldn’t agree more. 6 was barely an improvement at all, and it didn’t offer any significant usability improvements. 7 gave us the excellent Control Panel that I use many times a day to turn WiFi on and off, adjust the brightness, lock, airplane mode, etc. That alone is huge. Siri is also much more practical and speedy. Safari works better. Etc. I happen to like Helvetica very much. I think it’s one of the most elegant fonts out there (Helvetica Neue).

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