Apple’s iPad Air 2 and what may be

“While many people are still getting to grips with Apple’s iPad Air there are also some looking ahead to the next iPad Air for release in 2014,” Phones Review writes. “Today we want to consider the iPad Air 2 and what may be, and we’d be really interested to hear input from readers about this.”

“There has also been speculation for some time that Apple will launch a larger iPad that could be the rumored iPad Air Pro. Rumors have repeatedly pointed to a new iPad that will have a 12.9-inch display but this is an unknown quantity at this stage,” Phones Review writes. “Another possibility for the iPad Air 2 is a Touch ID fingerprint as was introduced on the iPhone 6. Lately we’ve also heard talk of Retina scanner prospects for future devices so we cannot rule that out either.”

“Another specification that was discussed for the iPad Air was 802.11ac Wi-Fi but this also didn’t come to fruition. Maybe we’ll see Wi-Fi 802.11ac on the iPad Air 2 instead,” Phones Review writes. “There are plenty more possibilities of course and among the most likely are improvements for the processor, storage and camera.”

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  1. If Apple come out with a larger iPad (of which I’m a bit skeptical about) it will be for something different, some sort of new product line. They won’t following samsungs, larger for the sake of larger trend

    1. I hope not. I’ve wanted a larger iPad for a while. But I often use my Air sitting on a stand at dining room table, a larger iPad would be nice for that but maybe not light enough for holding comfortably.
      It is Apple though, they can probably able make a large iPad lighter than the iPad 2! Other differentiations could be storage size (64GB, 128GB, 256GB standard models), 4K screen and a USB port (just kidding).

    2. Its amazing how innovative apple has becomes larger phones smaller ipads higher resolutions. Faster processors. Absolutely no innovation on apples part now an ipad 2 with a fingerprint scanner. Wow this blows me away. What next a 24 inch ipad lol

      1. You seem to have conveniently forgotten that nearly every smartphone and tablet that exists owes its existence to the iPhone and the iPad – in other words, Apple. Apple changed the world for the better twice in this century already, and you question Apple’s credentials rather than the tens of thousands of other companies who have *never* made a significant positive contribution to this world? What a tool…

  2. “Another possibility for the iPad Air 2 is a Touch ID fingerprint as was introduced on the iPhone 6…”

    Uh, didn’t he mean iPhone 5s? I’m pretty sure there’s no iPhone 6 (yet). 😉

  3. Ok. I’ll buy 802.11ac and Touch ID in the iPad Air 2, but a retina scanner seems ridiculous. Apple has invested in the fingerprint technology, and, I believe, that’s where they’ll stay. They may also upgrade the camera with image stabilization, but typically they test their best new tech in the iPhone first.

  4. Obviously, Touch ID. They’ll make it lighter still. A better camera would be nice. Next generation chip set for even better performance. Maybe a projected virtual keyboard? Longer battery life is always welcome.

    The iPad Air is already pretty close to perfection. Pretty much all there is, is enhancing what’s already there.

  5. – I don’t think a 12″ iPad would an “Air”. I’d probably just be iPad Pro.
    – Current Air screen size is just right.
    – 802.11ac would be OK, but I can’t read as fast as 802.11a, so… (side note: Geeze, LTE is fast!)
    – Retina scanner!? You mean MY retina?? No thanks.
    – Fingerprint sensor…meh.
    – 256 or 512GB? Yes, please.
    – Longer battery life? It’s not bad now.
    – Maybe a better camera, but those people taking pictures with an iPad sure look stupid.
    – Keep the same aspect ratio, please. No 16:9 crap.
    – Faster processor…it will probably just be that way, anyway. The current one is pretty fast.
    – iOS6 look and feel. Just had to throw that in. 🙂 Using my 4G touch with iOS6 just makes my brain work less. It’s quite noticeable.
    – Pump up the power on the Lightning port so the USB camera adapter will support a memory stick, and a Finder of some kind to go with it. iPad 1 had that for a while then they took it away.
    – Make it tasty. It’ll give Olivia Munn something new to lick. (Lucky Apple TV 1.)

  6. 2GB RAM because it needs it. On my Air, I can’t open more a few tabs of webpages without it having to reload them when click back to them from other tabs. That;’s lame, 1GB should be enough for many web pages! They should use local flash to cache at least…

  7. Clearly Apple will roll in advances in other products where applicable.
    The other approach will be to increase capacity (Flash RAM and battery life) and reduce the price to squeeze out the competition. The price change doesn’t have to be large. A $50 drop across the line will force competitors to drop to compensate and lose their remaining margin as a result.

    1. I doubt they will lower the price. But what I would love to see them do is to finally offer 32GB storage for $499. It’s about time for that, as almost everyone else is doing so for a lot less money. That would be an effective $100 price drop. They’ve done this over the years with their other products such as their phones, desktops and laptops, so why not here as well?

      Then, 64 GB would be $599, etc. this would get more sales, and put more pressure on their competitors.

  8. He gets some things wrong. The biggest, is that it’s thought that the current iPads already have IGZO displays. That’s why the smaller battery, leading to less weight, and a thinner case.

    I would like to see better battery life though. I don’t agree that it’s enough. Another problem is that Apple no longer has a monopoly on ten hours battery life. They can no longer claim to have the longest battery life. I’d like to see it get to twelve hours, I could likely squeak through a weekend on twelve hours, without charging, but can’t with ten.

    The longer the battery life, the better.

    I’d also like to see them bond the screen to the glass, the way they do for their phones. That would take about one mm from the thickness, which I would like to have them add back as a thicker battery. It’s thin enough now.

    It would also significantly cut down on reflections, as two surfaces would be eliminated. My Air has more reflections than does my iPhone 5. You can even see a difference in blackness with the devices off, side by side. The iPhone display is blacker.

  9. 802.11 AC
    LTE Advanced
    1 TB Wireless Storage accessory
    Expandable high-speed FLASH drive.
    Thunderbolt 2 port with expansion accessory incorporated into an extra battery bluetooth 4.0 stereo speaker stand.
    Option for 13″ and 27″

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