Analyst: iPhone 5s and iPad Air propelled Apple to over 80 million units sold during Christmas quarter

“Total iOS device sales may have reached 80 million units in the just-concluded December quarter, driven by particularly strong demand for the new iPhone 5s and iPad Air, sales surveys conducted by Canaccord Genuity suggest,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst T. Michael Walkley cited proprietary sales surveys in a note to investors on Tuesday,” Hughes reports. “Walkley has projected that Apple sold 54 million iPhones in the December quarter, representing a 13 percent year over year increase, along with 24.8 million iPads, good for 8 percent growth from a year prior.”

Hughes reports, “Together, that would be nearly 80 million iOS devices — and that doesn’t even include the iOS-powered iPod touch, which historically has accounted for more than half of all iPod sales in any given quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID.

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  1. The only company that is making money and innovative products (every one of them, including software and services) and the blind idiots that cover technology and the economy at large, still don’t get it.

    They would rather make hay out of google’s purchase of an X Apple employee who couldn’t cut it at Apple and instead went solo with pretty cool thermostat product that many, NOW, won’t touch…

  2. I’ll throw this stat in here, just for fun.

    Worldwide PC shipments for the third quarter of 2013 totalled 81.6 million units. Compare that to 85 million units of iPhone and iPad (80 million) and Mac (assume 5 million).

    If only Steve were alive today. He’d be grinning from ear to ear knowing how he beat down his great nemesis Bill Gates in the PC war.

  3. If Apple actually sold close to 80 million iPhones and the stock only has a target price of $600, then I’d be feeling pretty sorry for myself as an Apple shareholder as I watch Google shares go to $1200 and beyond. 80 million iPhones would be a huge jump in revenue and EPS. If Apple sells 80 million iPhones is only worth $600 a share then I see no reason for anyone to invest in Apple and just continue to buy stocks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other profitless stock that’s making shareholders wealthy.

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