Apple is losing ground to the Samsung brand

“Samsung is gaining fast on Apple in terms of brand affection,” Haydn Shaughnessy reports for Forbes. “In Interbrand’s 2013 brand index, a benchmark measure of brand value, Apple came out on top, ending a 13 year run by Coca Cola. The signs are though that Samsung, which has been investing heavily in brand loyalty and not just marketing, is now challenging Apple in this crucial area of marketing, as analysts look across a wider range of social media and psychometric levers.”

“A ‘brand dependence’ index revealed at CES last week suggests that more people are dependent on the Samsung brand than any other in consumer electronics,” Shaughnessy reports. “In fact Samsung, marginally, beat out Microsoft. The methodology probes feelings about a brand, notably how integral a brand is to a person’s life and how often and naturally a brand comes to mind. On the upside for Apple, it scores higher for people with salaries of over $50,000.”

“But separate studies show that both Samsung and Microsoft are taking the consumer brand battle to Apple and winning. Forrester reported just before CES that Microsoft was the leading consumer brand in consumer tech according to its True brand compass research, with Apple inching ahead of Samsung in brand resonance but not in trust where they are level,” Shaughnessy reports. “At the same time Samsung can be seen winning out in all forms of social media. Samsung has been trying for the past three years to win the hearts of its users, to go with the loyalty that its relatively low prices inspire. As part of its brand strategy it has invested heavily in social engagement and that too is paying off. EConsultancy notes: ‘Samsung was named as the most shared brand of 2013 during Unruly’s inaugural Video Sharing Awards (VSAs) held at the end of 2013. Samsung achieved a total of 7.3m shares during last year. This is 2.3m more shares than second-placed GEICO and, according to Unruly, Samsung achieved a 201% increase on the previous year when it finished in eighth place.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who can look at the Samsung logo and not think of a corrupt, thieving, cronyistic outfit that churns out blatant knockoffs of other companies’ patented products — whose only constant is subpar build quality — is blind, delusional, and/or morbidly stupid.

It’s ironic and sad that Apple, by inexplicably continuing to buy chip fab, displays, etc. from Samsung to the tune of billions of dollars per quarter, helps finance Samsung’s saturation branding and marketing efforts which elevates Samsung’s brand, in the process diluting Apple’s brand, at least in the eyes of the regrettably multitudinous ignorati.

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  1. Samsung sells everything from TVs to appliances so it’s no surprise that Samsung would have a broader dependence as a life brand.

    I bet Apple doesn’t pay attention to these kind of scores. They just make great products that people love to use and feel good about owning and they have been making a mint at it.

      1. This is CES inspired twisted logic to make their show and the exhibitors look important when in all truth it has been a bland mostly irrelevant freebie holiday for the tech press and need something to print to fill column inches and ensure next years invite.

  2. Apple best be taking a long hard look at itself. Acquiring customers that are will willing to spend money on quality is not alway the best option. Android has a massive following in the pirated app market and this is where Apple should be heading. Look at any torrent site, Android out numbers iOS 50-1. Who winning?? numbers speak for themselves

  3. Meh, not so much, sony had a far better brand and actually innovated products. Samsung is a thieving MeeToo! kind of brand and as such is a house of cards. They have already peaked (as indicated in the downward arc in the demand for their consumer products in the last year) and will fall far more quickly than most “experts” predict.

  4. Look, if you include their TVs in this study, of course you are going to see Samsung skew higher. Despite their theft of intellectual property on the smartphone and tablet side, Samsung makes great TVs. Take television out of the equation and you’ll see those numbers drop so far they won’t even be on the radar.

    As far as Microsoft “taking the consumer brand battle to Apple and winning”, that statement is such fantasy that Shaughnessy is smoking something. Some of these tech writers don’t have a clue and are still on the “I hope Apple fails” bandwagon. That isn’t going to happen.

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        You demonstrated here that you are too easily amused. Behaving like the douche bag who, at the end of the opera—while everyone else is giving a standing ovation—draws attention to himself with a sophomoric stunt like yelling “Boo, I saw a prop fall down!” impresses no one.

        Grow up.

        1. Very well put, Greg.

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  5. A project manager/engineer (who was let go during layoffs) at my work owned a Shamdung phone. He was oh-do proud of its (supposedly) way- cool features like it’s ability to scroll by detecting where his eyes were looking. After two minutes standing there in my office, he actually made it work for about five seconds.

    Shamdung’s products remind me of Wal-Mart: you too can buy a $39.95 electric weed whacker… and it has way-great quality too. Like Wal-Mart, Shamdung has a customer base that will buy crap based upon “features” and price; they ate incapable of even recognizing</i

  6. The majority of people will settle for crap, as long as it is cheap. Wal-mart is very busy. VHS beat out Betamax. Windows beat out Macintosh. Any reasonable person would expect Samsung to outsell Apple. Just remember, those Samsung customers may report “brand loyalty”, but the next cheap thing from another company will win out when Samsung starts wanting to make a profit.

  7. Samsung loyalists are generally people that care for nothing but themselves while Apple loyalists seem to feel they are a contributing part to something larger than themselves. Every Samsung loyalist I know also has an anger management problem, expects Apple to bring them orgasms but looking at an Apple product but forgive Samdung anything. It’s a character flaw.

  8. “In Interbrand’s 2013 brand index, a benchmark measure of brand value, Apple came out on top, ending a 13 year run by Coca Cola.”

    So… Apple is on top, beating out a stalwart brand like Coca-Cola, and they are somehow in trouble?

    Samsung still has to pass Microsoft and Google before Apple should be worried. And the Samsung brand in the mobile space will fizzle out before that happens (see Galaxy S 4 sales flop, and Samsung’s unsustainable marketing expenditures if sales of the Galaxy S 5 follow suit).

    1. If you don’t make your product obsolete, your competition will… Apple seems to be coasting on Steve Jobs vision… I don’t feel any edge with their marketing.. There is trouble. And anyone who own’s Apple stock should not deny it. Samsung and Android products are everywhere, and I rarely hear of disappointed customers. That is why they are gaining, and Samsung aren’t stupid, they improve all the time. And when Apple is not going for enterprise, there goes a huge older demo, while it seems Android and Samsung are getting the youth market. Samsung are locking in young consumers that will grow with their products. We heard that was supposed to be Apples strategy for years… with education. Apple dropped the ball on Education as well, simply with their pricing. MDN take on Apple buying Samsung components is dead on.. WHY after all this time? Posters here are UBER apple freaks. The general public gets to decide every day. They just want what works at the right price. Don’t think for a second that Apple doesn’t want those customers.

  9. FUD!

    The only thing samsung has managed is to destroy their credibility and reputation as an honorable company !
    I guess bad pr is good pr anyway. Ha?
    I for one know several people that wont touch a samsung product after their shenanigans in the last few years.
    If they are winning ? is not happening in my corner of the world !

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