Apple patent filing hints at home-based media server

“An Apple patent filing (number 20140006946) has appeared at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office that gives me hope that we might someday see an Apple, home-based media server as I’ve long wished for,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple Daily Report. “The patent is for a network media device.”

“A network media device is described that pulls multimedia data from one or more sources (e.g., a multimedia website or a multimedia server computer) at a first time, stores it to long-term storage within the device and transmits the stored multimedia data to one or more designated multimedia playback devices at a second time,” Sellers reports.

Read more in the full article here.


    1. To be specific, that was the Apple TV version 1. It had a hard drive. The media Corporate Oligarchy doesn’t like we criminal customers recording digital media. Big no no. We can’t be trusted. We’re all pirates. ARR. (And of course FTS).

      Now I’ll go read the article and see what they’re REALLY talking about…

      1. Humph. I’m not finding the article very informative. The only new thing I see is what’s described in the last paragraph:

        Thus, it would be beneficial to provide a mechanism whereby a consumer could off-load, over a computer network, specified multimedia content to a playback device that could, at a later time, send the information to conventional entertainment devices such as stereo equipment, televisions, home theatre systems, etc.

        This implies:
        1) A computer device grabs the media from its source.
        2) But the media is not stored on that device. Instead it is directly sent over the LAN to a specified media storage device.

        But what’s the big deal here? All it’s describing is using an Apple TV as a designated media storage device, skipping the need to do a copy from your computer to the Apple TV.

        Ideally, the Apple TV would BE the computer device that grabs the media from the source. It already does that, but within a very limited set of allowed source sites.

        What I think is going on here is more media Corporate Oligarchy rubbish whereby they are DEMANDING that designated media storage devices meet their bad attitude requirement that all customers be treated as default criminals who cannot be trusted at any time. Apple is, I speculate, working around this bullshit by adding side-door access to OTHER media from OTHER sources by way of one’s separate computer.

        I have to wonder if the goofy language Apple is using is meant to confuse the hell out of the already brain dead media Corporate Oligarchy so they can’t comprehend what’s actually going on and can’t demand that Apple put a stop to it.

        (Gotta hate the self-destructive Corporate Oligarchy. Their hatred toward their customers BEGS for customer retribution! Infinitely massive DUH Factor).

        Ideally, this means a far more functional Apple TV, which would be fine with me.

      1. Mike, I don’t know DogGoneToo’s set up but I use a Mac mini as a media server for many AppleTV’s this doesn’t include document sharing as I have no real need for this between family members.

        Family members each have their own iCloud account but we share 1 iTunes account. The mini has iTunes open and downloads all purchases made on the iTunes account. The mini has no permanent monitor other than the TV connected via HDMI. We also use iTunes Match as is is the easiest way I know of to distribute 10,000 songs burned for CD’s. An Apple TV is connected to each TV in the house. I know you can stream purchases but sometimes it will need to buffer in the middle of a movie so I prefer to play from the mini. There are also movies burned in from DVD. Anyone can walk up to any TV and start playing any movie, song, or music playlist created on anyone’s device. The mini’s iTunes library is shared over the wifi network allowing any Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone to also stream any content on the mini. Since we share an iTunes account it all just works.

        Photos I have not looked at sharing as I am usually the one that takes them and they go to a personal MacBook. iPhoto is backed up to an external storage drive and stored in a fireproof safe. As you have 400GB of photos I strongly recommend you do this as well. Having them on an external drive but not safely stored exposes you to loss. You may even consider storing a second backup in a bank safe deposit box.

        For documents Dropbox is probably your best bet. iWork in the cloud will get there but Apple needs to develop some trust with it’s uses that it’s here to stay and not another MobileMe. That said it is limited to only iWork.

        Good luck.

      2. Mike,
        Sounds like you do most of the things I do already.
        My setup is:
        Connected to both the main TV (HTMI) and a second monitor (DVI-mirrored) at the same time. The TV is in the living room and the monitor on a desk in the next room. The mini is next to the TV and I have a long DVI cable to the monitor in the other room. A bluetooth keyboard and mouse means I don’t have to string any more wires to the mini.
        Apple Airport Extreme connected to the internet. All devices connect via Wifi.
        Multiple hard drives connected to the Mini. One is for the iTunes library and the others for backup via Time Machine.
        Also have AppleTVs for the main TV and the one in the bedroom.
        3 laptops (1 per person in the family) plus iPhones and iPads.

        As long as iTunes is running on the Mini I can get content via any TV, Mac or iOS device in the house. The MacMini can also stream from any device to display on the TV. Can play music via the sound system in the TV or on any device (say if you’re lazing in the garden). Also remote desktop to the Mini whenever needed.

        Cost for this: $700 for the Mini,
        HDs -$100-200 (as the library expands I move stuff from one drive to another – note moving iTunes library is tricky if you want to preserve your ratings etc).
        $200 for Mini monitor, $100 for keyboard and Mouse pad plus cables.
        $200 for AppleTVs
        My earlier system was a G4 tower which alone cost $1700 so this set up is sweet.
        We also share an iTunes account. My daughter has a sub account with no credit card so she can’t go wild spending money she doesn’t have. Also any purchases can be available for all devices regardless of user.

  1. When’s the last time an article entitled “Apple patent filing hints at something” ever come out to be true? Not one single time ever. Yet, people keep posting them. Why is that?

  2. If Apple could make something like my Dune player, with Zappiti, they’d rule the world…. Or screw up all of their content deals. I love my Dune media player, but does it really have to be so user unfriendly?

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