Google Glass, smartphone app IDs people, does background checks without their knowledge

“There’s a soon-to-be-released app that identifies strangers by using a creepshot a user uploads of them, to further enable your cyberstalking ways,” Jordan Valinsky reports for Betabeat. “This latest advancement in technology is an app called NameTag. It works by users uploading a snapshot of a person, where it’s then scanned and compared to publicly available social media accounts and dating website profiles. It also scans criminal databases, like the National Sex Offender Registry, to identify pervs.”

“What results is a detailed dossier of your subject, allowing you to commence your private browser-backed creeping,” Valinsky reports. “Android and iPhone users will have access to it, but Google Glass has banned facial recognition apps from its store. The app’s developer, Kevin Alan Tussy, notes that jail-broken Glass devices can use it if you are talented enough to slyly wink to take pictures of your future crush.”

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“The app seems to cross some pretty serious privacy boundaries,” Michelle Starr reports for CNET. “Generally speaking, people like to choose who they identify themselves to, and having your online information freely available to anyone who sees you in public seems an uncomfortable prospect.”

FacialNetwork’s Kevin Alan Tussy “has sought to allay privacy fears, but his explanation does little,” Starr reports. “‘People will soon be able to login to and choose whether or not they want their name and information displayed to others,” he said. “It’s not about invading anyone’s privacy; it’s about connecting people that want to be connected. We will even allow users to have one profile that is seen during business hours and another that is only seen in social situations.'”

“It’s a little unclear, but what that seems to indicate to us is that, if you want to keep your privacy — and your option to identify yourself — intact, you’ll need to create a NameTag profile — opt-out, not opt-in,” Starr reports. “It remains to be seen whether Google will change its mind on facial recognition apps for Glass before NameTag hits the market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Creepy. King Creepster Schmidt must love this app.

Also, there already is an unrelated NameTag app (an aid to help you remember people’s names) in Apple’s App Store, so, at the very least, they’re going to have to work on the name.


  1. OK, all you asswhining babies …. come on, you can do it … start your diaper wetting about this and how its like the NSA metadata farming. You heard me, get off your ass and start your bitching you babies.

  2. There are so many advantages to this technology it certainly can’t be tied down. I mean just look at the benefits it will provide to those looking to hire NSA staff.

    With a glance they will know if they have the right staff or not.

  3. Ha! Anyone trying that with me would be shit out of luck. I don’t think there’s a recent photo of me on any social media, I never use a photo for my social media avatars, or for anything else.
    In fact, there are very few photos of me anywhere, I hate having my photo taken.

  4. This is actually the 1st (only?) genuinely useful application for the Glasshole cult that I’ve heard of! Seriously! How amazing to quickly ‘Google’ someone before you even know their name…

    1. Hint, you think?

      What about the guy who is watching people on the street looking for his next victim. Let’s say you and your wife are out to dinner one night and you are walking around, just about to go to dinner and a movie. This Glasshole scans your face, figures out where you live and then has the next few hours knowing for sure you are not at home.

      Don’t assume only people would use it for good. Then again, most criminals are better at using tech then the average user.

      Yup, Glassholes.

  5. So, ostensibly a criminal could get info that facilitates criminal activity by allowing them to know your schedule, if you have small children, where they school, maybe even your address, if you live alone etc. and the possibilities are endless. Single women mothers young children teens all should be very fearful of this development.

    1. I realize there are other sources of information, but a considerable degree of privacy can be gained by following the simple principle of, “Don’t post anything online that you would put up as a full-color poster on every lamppost in town.”

  6. Everyone needs to get drones and fly over his house just to upset him and get him worked up! He is highly against anyone being able to have a drone, its a privacy problem! Since when does he worry about privacy, when its his own, what is he hiding!!…

  7. MDN puts Google Glass in the lead of their headline even though the story states that it is banned in the Google Glass store and will only be available as a jailbreak.

    Google makes it easy enough to criticize them, MDN doesn’t need to use click-bate headlines.

  8. I can hardly wait for the days when TV shows (think 24) hack into Google Glass headwear rather than “traffic cams” and “security cams” to track antagonists or protagonists during the program.

  9. So I’m walking around town mid-day and someone snaps a picture of me waiting in line in the food court of a mall. They send that picture to an accomplice who NameTags me and sees my work profile as opposed to my social profile. The accomplice heads over to my house and steals everything.

    I think I’ll update my social media profiles to include “Hobby: Attack Dog Trainer” and “never found guilty of having my attack dog trainees hurt someone they shouldn’t have.”

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