Images of incredibly thin iPhone 6 component reportedly leak (with photos)

“Chinese site CTech has posted apparently genuine shots of a metal Apple iPhone 6 casing to Weibo, and it looks ridiculously thin,” Esat Dedezade reports for Stuff Magazine.

“Despite the blurry photos, it’s easy to notice the larger, wider size, which supports rumours of the iPhone 6’s larger display,” Dedezade reports. “Previous rumours have suggested an iPhone 6 screen size between 4.7-5.5 inches, with a higher 2,2772×1,280 [sic] resolution to allow existing apps to be scaled up easily.”

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“While such a device is due out later this year, the photos appear to be incredible sketchy in nature,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “They are also completely unverified by us. The frames also look particularly thin, but in the age of the iPad Air, maybe there is some truth behind the blur.”

Apple iPhone 6 component?
Apple iPhone 6 component?

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MacDailyNews Take: Liquidmetal?


    1. Samsung will still have their customers – Apple haters and those with limted $ – Users that really prefer Android to iOS are not targeted here.

      if it only boils down to having a bigger screen…
      i agree with your statement… i have heard many say, “If Apple made a bigger screen… i would go back to the iPhone.”

      There is still a need for one hand operation for some, but for others the option to have a phablet is important to them.

      Apple is not playing catch up… they are just adding another market.

    1. Wow! When a rumor site (MacRumors) calls a story fake it must be fake. What information do they have to support their claim it’s fake? My guess is it’s no more substantiated than the rumor itself. Time will tell.

      It actually wouldn’t surprise me if this it a true Apple piece but not every piece comes to market. Maybe the design was provided to a supplier to test their security.

  1. Even if this is an Apple experimental casing, I’m not very happy about it.

    The phones are thin enough already. I want a bigger battery for longer life, and a better camera. Both of those would be much easier in a bigger case. My iPhone 5 is light enough. We don’t need to cut more weight off. Even though a bigger phone will weigh more, that’s fine.

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