The NSA, Apple’s iPhone and a whole lot of bad reporting

“With the treasure trove of classified information Edward Snowden procured from the NSA, we’re seemingly inundated with more details regarding NSA surveillance efforts every single week,” Yoni Heisler writes for TUAW. “Last week, the major NSA-related headline centered on the agency’s apparent ability to attain complete and unfettered access to Apple’s iPhone… through a program called DROPOUTJEEP, has the ability to completely compromise an iPhone, gaining access to the device’s camera, contact list, text messages, voicemail and much more. What’s more, classified documents indicated that the NSA, in its efforts to compromise the iPhone, enjoyed a 100 percent success rate.”

“Exacerbating the matter, security researcher Jacob Appelbaum seemed to imply during a recent speech that Apple may be assisting the NSA in their efforts,” Heisler writes. “[But] If you look at the document [see full article], you’ll note that it states: ‘The initial release of DROPOUTJEEP will focus on installing the implant via close access methods. A remote capability will be pursued in a future release.'”

A”ll told, the notion that a government agency, or even a lone individual, can compromise a device in-hand is hardly groundbreaking news. Folks were jailbreaking the iPhone, for example, just months after the device first hit store shelves,” Heisler writes. “And yet, if you glanced at any number of headlines last week, you’d be convinced that every iPhone out in the free world is a sleeping spy device just waiting for the ‘activate/wake-up’ signal from the NSA… many of the fear-inducing headlines conveyed information that was completely mismatched when compared to the original Der Spiegel story.”

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  1. Let’s see… The NSA might have been able to access every iPhone years ago (with physical access) or the combination of Samsung and Google now. I’ll take my chances with an iPhone.

  2. If the first story contains no facts, it isn’t bad reporting, it’s fiction. If the next story contains the same fiction, it’s plagiarism. The fact that these fiction writers and plagiarists call themselves journalists is an insult.

    1. Dan, I’m sure Frida is a barrister from Nigeria who can show you how to earn $37,478,634.00 USD per day, working from home, and receive a free iPhone for everyone on your contacts list. Just send him/her/it your bank account information, IDs, passwords, SSN, name of first born child, and sexual preferences. I’m sure you can trust this Christian person because he/she/it is dying of terminal toenail fungus and wants to pass on this valuable information while there’s still time. So hurry, and above all, don’t tell a soul about this amazing opportunity.

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