Twitter co-founder unveils Jelly, backed by Apple BoD member Al Gore, U2’s Bono, and more

“One of the creators of Twitter Inc. unveiled a new mobile service called Jelly on Tuesday,” Alexei Oreskovic reports for Reuters. “The Jelly smartphone app seeks to improve the way people search for and find information, by querying people instead of Internet search engines.”

“‘Everyone is mobile, everyone is connected. So if you have a question, there’s somebody out there that knows the answer,’ said Biz Stone, the CEO and co-founder of Jelly in a video on the company’s website. Stone was among the team that in 2006 created Twitter, the social network and microblogging service that had a blockbuster initial public offering in November,” Oreskovic reports. “Stone left Twitter in June 2011. Among the backers of the new company are Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, venture capital investor Reid Hoffman, as well as U2 frontman Bono and former Vice President of the United States Al Gore.”

“The new service, which is available free for devices based on Apple’s iOS and Google Inc’s Android operating systems, lets users submit questions to the network of friends that they have on social services such as Twitter or Facebook,” Oreskovic reports. “Jelly became available for download on Tuesday.”

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  1. And this is different than or yahoo answers or any of those other websites… how?

    Honestly, these ‘get real answers from people’ products are really filled with incomplete and inaccurate answers from respondents who basically guess or give opinions. Useless if you need an answer. IMHO.

    1. The difference is that I know nothing! Anybody asking me a question will have to use my answer as the basis of a ‘worst case scenario’, every other answer thereafter will be an improvement upon mine.
      Meanwhile, I will keep asking Duckduckgo, Wikipeadia, Infoplease, Biblegateway, Encyclopeadia Brittanica and Newspaper websites for my erudition. I cannot possibly mention all the other sites I would go to because there are so many, MDN included.

    1. The article on FOX sucks. Check out this article:

      Also check out the current Joy of Tech comic on the subject.

      I think it could be very useful. Imagine some of the more innocuous things you might google like “Dog Friendly Beaches in Los Angeles” and the kind of off the wall answers you get from search engines. No imagine it going out to your friends, their friends and their friends. You’d be crowdsourcing your question and getting by insightful human responses. Theoretically.

  2. How about a “just the facts jack” dot com service? One that actually has reputable facts, not heresay or speculation?
    That would truly end Gaggle’s/Bong’s reign on searches.
    I always felt Encylopedia Britannica would have stepped up to the game…

    While I am at it, how about a Social Security service .gov that you could confirm your identity through, so all credit checks would have the ability to scrutinize the identity thieves?
    That would also be awesome, at least until the privacy advocates had their say!

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