Ahead of China Mobile’s iPhone launch, rival Chinese carriers cut iPhone contract prices

“China Mobile Ltd.’s smaller rivals are offering discounts for Apple Inc.’s iPhones ahead of the mobile giant’s launch next Friday,” Lorraine Luk reports for The Wall Street Journal. “China Mobile is rolling out a high-speed fourth generation network and has been taking preorders from customers since last month. A company spokeswoman Wednesday declined to comment on its pricing strategy. Both China Telecom Corp. and China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. want to make sure that they can lock in subscribers.”

“n Beijing, China Telecom has cut the price of some of 24-month contracts for the 16-gigabyte iPhone 5S by as much as 24% or 1,288 yuan ($212). Without a plan, the iPhone 5S starts at 5,288 yuan. China Telecom has also cut some of the package prices of the less expensive iPhone 5c by 24%. An unsubsidized 16-gigabyte iPhone 5C in China costs 4,488 yuan,” Luk reports. “China Unicom is also moving to offer discounts but it has been less aggressive than China Telecom. The company has reduced some contracts for the 16-gigabyte iPhone 5S by 15% or 800 yuan, according to the company’s Beijing website.”

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  1. Off topic:
    Ok guys… how the hell do I get the numerical percentage to show up next to the battery icon on my iPhone? I’ve looked everywhere under the settings menu, I give up?

    Go Apple!

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