Why 2014 will be Apple’s year of big reveals

“2013 was a very Apple-y year, in that incremental improvements were pretty much all Apple rolled out,” Christopher Mims writes for Quartz. “This kind of refinement and polish is one of the things the company does best.”

“2014 looks to be different.,” Mims writes. “As CEO Tim Cook has been hinting, Apple will be releasing products unlike those that came before. Rumors abound that it will unveil a larger, 12.9-inch iPad for education that may actually replace its smaller MacBook Air. A big tablet is one thing, but a move toward a big tablet running on a rumored, ultra-fast ‘A8’ chip [stamped out] by a new manufacturer (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation) rather than Samsung, which has produced processors for previous iPads and iPhones, would be a sea change for Apple and the entire PC industry.”

“Apple may also release a larger iPhone, finally bowing to demand for the kind of device that can be ever more a PC replacement when it comes to entertainment like games and video,” Mims writes. “But perhaps most significant in terms of creating a truly new category of device, Apple will probably unveil its long-rumored iWatch.”

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  1. I want to believe this soooooo bad. But I’ve heard this soooooo many times before. I’m not one who needs a “big thing” from Apple every year, but I hate it when my hopes are raised with no payoff.


  2. Is anyone getting dragged out of Safari on iOS and into the App Store to promote some game or other while viewing MDN?
    I’m also getting a pop-up dialogue box saying “Everyone’s playing Football Manager by X Games. OK/Cancel”. It will reappear several times throughout my time viewing this site.

    MDN, sort it out. It’s getting so I don’t want to come here any more & that’s not even taking into account the political fighting that goes on here too. All I want is Mac news.

  3. I got the iPod. I got the iPhone. I got the iPad. I’m not getting the iWatch. Really, I’m trying to figure out what my iWatch will do for me. Health statistics? OK, at 59 this could be important. Next bus or metro time? Yea, that could be cool if I don’t have to key it in. Uh, messages? I don’t have any urgent enough for my iWatch to tell me. Maybe a watch for Android users to get them to switch. Could replace iPod Nano, etc. but, I don’t get it yet. Tweeting? Am I too old?

    1. You have no idea. I hadn’t worn a watch for fifteen years. Now my Pebble does not get off my wrist unless it is charging. It’s not a thousand useless features, it’s one or two compelling ones.

      If Apple brings out a watch, you will wear one within the year.

  4. Tim’s been promising, not just hinting, “great new products” ever since the keys to Cupertino where handed to him. And he’s done nothing but tweak, upgrade, and make false claims about how wonderful all that is.

    The new Mac Pro may be the single exception. The only problem with it is that it should have been done years ago and Apple would not have lost its only chance of capturing the serious business and government market for such a powerful computer. Instead we get great gadgets and AAPL collapses. A really great “truck” like we may now have is way, way too late for any other than the remaining hungry photographers and video pros not earlier lost to PC’s for the lack of a real computer to keep up with their needs.

  5. I’ve been a total Apple fanboy for over 10 years now. I’m really rooting for them to do something really cool this year. A bigger iPad? That’s great, but not earth shattering. A bigger iPhone? That’s great, but about a year behind the curve. An Apple TV? Only if it’s a radical new set-top box (i.e. major upgrade to the existing AppleTV); people are not going to rush to replace their existing 65″ TVs just to have a beautiful Apple enclosure, no matter the functionality. An iWatch? The jury is out on that one; I don’t find it that inconvenient to pull my iPhone out of my pocket to see my text message. If anyone change my mind Apple can…but it will take some work.

  6. OS X 11 can’t come soon enough. It needs to:

    – implement ZFS to replace creaky old HFS+, preferably with SHA-512 chacksums
    – allow users to change the flat gray iOSricks look.
    – implement file metadata again that eliminates the need for file extensions. How pathetic that Apple adopted that Windows pratice.
    – next generation openGL
    – split iTunes into two applications: a radically updated Quicktime with full Quicktime 7 Pro interface and editing options, including an iTunes-like video file management. Shrink iTunes back into a slim audio-only application. Apple has allowed Quicktime to become an absolute embarrassment.
    – also allow much improved support and clarity for multi-library managment with tunes and videos.
    – natively support newer file formats: BluRay, mkv, FLAC, etc.
    – vastly improve syncing of iOS data to a computer WITHOUT any iCloud crap.
    – un-integrate iCloud from the OS. It should ONLY be a plug-in for those who want it. no file finder for iCloud = FAIL
    – fix Mission Control. It still is clunky and it doesn’t work with remote screens of different resolutions.
    – ensure all the iOS crap can be turned off: animations, reverse scrolling, LaunchPad, Spaces, etc.
    – Buy “Better Finder Rename” and integrate it into the OS.
    – fix the calendar and Mail. both are way too clunky. no way to set a mail rule without going into the preference pane? Really???
    – show minimized windows
    – allow the user to better customise the dock.. the teeny white indicator lights on a gray background are ridiculous.
    – stop hiding stuff by default. When one plugs in a TimeCapsule, for example, SHOW IT.
    – to disable a feature like Notifications or move it to the Dashboard where all notifications should go. it shouldn’t take more than one preference pane. Instead one has to go to two or three panes to deselect all that annoying crap.
    -serious efforts to assist now-defunct PowerPC software to be open-sourced and/or migrated to new MacTel software developers. Apple will NEVER get users to move away from Snow Leopard until it stops removing pro-level functionality from its applications. New software needs to completely replace the old.
    – for those users who insist they must have iOS on the desktop, port a Dashboard-like emulator to run/test iOS applications. Maybe people will then see how limiting iOS really is.
    – Improve BootCamp and/or Buy & implement a Crossover as a native application
    – multithreaded apps
    – re-implement FrontRow for those Mac users who don’t like the locked-down and storage-inadequate AppleTV.
    – learn to play nice with NTFS
    – update QuickLook
    – Open source Rosetta and iWeb and iDVD, etc if you refuse to support them any more.

    … and the list can go on.

    Y’all can now continue imagining watches and Apple TV sets and different screen sizes for your iOS gadgets.

  7. Don’t believe anything until Apple makes an announcement. This article is simply speculation and fodder for stock day traders and short-term investors. Not even past the first week of 2014 yet and already there’s unreasonable expectations based on rumours and half-truths. Did you hear that? — The sound of disappointed investors after Apple misses the Street and unsatisfactory guidances. This article is one more example of how this crap happens.

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