Fox to stream Super Bowl XLVIII live via iOS app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

“For the third year in a row, the Super Bowl will be live-streamed online to American football fans in the U.S., as Fox Sports plans to make the game available free through its website and for pay-TV subscribers via its iOS app,” AppleInsider reports.

“One day after CBS announced it would be making its coverage of the AFC playoffs free to view online, Fox Sports — which has the rights to Super Bowl XLVIII — said it too would be offering up Internet streaming, reports Variety. In addition, the broadcaster will also be serving up the full game, including halftime performance by Bruno Mars, to users of its FOXSportsGO iOS app,” AppleInsider reports. “There is one stipulation, however, in that iOS devices may only access the content after signing in through a participating provider.”

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  1. “make the game available free through its website and for pay-TV subscribers”

    … in other words, it’s not free. Who in their right mind is going to watch the big game on a dinky screen when they already paid the subscription for TV service???

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