Control your iPhone camera’s focus and depth of field

“One of the most striking differences between your iPhone and a large camera like a DSLR is the way the two cameras focus and control depth of field,” Dave Johnson reports for Macworld.

“In a DSLR, depth of field is easy to manage by changing the aperture—a large aperture like f/4 results in a relatively narrow field of focus, for example, while a small aperture like f/20 delivers deep depth of field in which most of the photo is in focus,” Johnson reports. “On the iPhone and other smartphones, though, you don’t generally get that kind of flexibility. Without an aperture dial, you get little control over your depth of field. And thanks to the laws of physics, the tiny sensor results in a large depth of field in most of your photos.”

“You don’t have to be satisfied with that, though,” Johnson reports. “Take control of your iPhone’s focus to capture the photos you want to achieve.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Unfortunately a bug in the latest ios update disabled my rear camera. Resetting or restoring the phone doesn’t work and it seems to be affecting thousands of users for months now until they hopefully fix it with the next release, which is rumored still months away. Ugh.

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