Apple Mac Pro: Unboxing, detailed overview, and benchmarks

Via YouTube, Michael Kukielka (@DetroitBORG) offers a detailed unboxing and overview of the all-new Mac Pro complete with:

• Benchmarks

• RAM module removal

• 4K display demonstration


Direct link to video here.

[Attribution: 9to5Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. It has been confirmed that the processor is upgradable. You can even buy faster processors than Apple offers for the same money. The processors work across all models. So let’s say you bought the base 4 core machine, you could upgrade later to 8 cores, giving 30% better performance than Apple’s 8 core, for the same additional $2000.

  2. 1. He compares it to an iMac? Not the last-gen MacPro?
    2. Declares it “unsuitable for video editing or gaming” because of dropped frames and slow 30hz frame rate.

    Q. So just what “pro” will use this?
    Misguided meaningless Pro-sumer “innovation” at best.
    A very pretty brick.

    1. “2. Declares it “unsuitable for video editing or gaming” because of dropped frames and slow 30hz frame rate.”

      You obviously were not paying attention to the video. He specified that the HDMI port is limited to 30Hz frame rate and that it was while a 4K monitor is plugged into the HDMI port it would be unsuitable for video editing or gaming.

      1. Before the “Conservatard” posters came here, there was plenty of libtard posting drivel that I had to wade through. Perhaps that didn’t bother you because it matched your bias, but it was no less irritating.

        1. My memory is that it was fairly well distributed between left and right back in the day, and FAR less virulent on both sides. But I like that you recognize the fact that MDN IS overrun by the conservatards today. 🙂

  3. Waiting for a benchmark that compares single-core performance of the various models. Would like to know if the extra cache makes up for the slower clock speed in higher end models. Most of my software is not multithreaded so having lots of cores won’t speed up most of my software.

      1. Wow, what amazing arrogance that you think you know what I need and don’t need. Believe it or not, some people have high-performance needs beyond video editing. Software development, for example. In my case, it’s coming up with a system that will be relatively future-proof for a while (e.g., with this purchase I’ll be upgrading a Power Mac G5). In that context, the issue of single-core performance is *very* important.

        1. “Wow, what amazing arrogance that you think you know what I need and don’t need.”

          You yourself admitted the software you depend on can’t make use of multi-cores. That’s not arrogance, it’s reading comprehension.

          Moving off the G5 to ANY intel-based Macintosh is a step in the right direction towards future-proofing your software development.

          Good luck with your career.

  4. MDN always rips Samsung for being unethical. However, they do not seem to have a problem redirecting my iPhone to the Candy Crush App in the App Store without any input from me. They’ve always been ad-hypocrite… on one hand complaining about flash while simultaneously hosting a dozen flash ads per page. I doesn’t surprise me that they would gleefully steal ad revenue from anyone while inconveniencing their readers and using misusing their data. I just wish they could look in the mirror and see themselves for who they really are, for once in their lives. Cheating hypocrite assholes.

      1. Thinking that “clicking the ad for me” is good business practice shows that you are morally-challenged as well. Since we already knew you were mentally-challenged, that’s no real surprise.

        1. Thomas, you don’t actually have to click on any ads on here, you know; there’s no law that says just because there’s a pretty banner flashing away, you have to lemming-like jump jump at it.
          Or have you been conditioned by your lizard-masters to automatically tap on anything brightly coloured and flashing?

          1. Seriously. What part of “without any input from me” did you not understand? Then he continues accusing MDN of “clicking the ad for me.”

            Bottom line, he is saying that he didn’t click the ad. He was simply redirected to the app store.

            Attack his honesty, or perhaps his competence, but for crying out loud acknowledge what he has written in plain english before attacking him! But comparing him to a lemming or suggesting he has no will is quite unnecessary.

          1. So I guess layers billing people for hours they didn’t work is fine? How about auto service department charging you for parts they didn’t use? Good business? This is precisely why conservatism doesn ‘t work. As a conservative, un-ethical behavior should bother you too. If people had principals and values your ideas might actually work.

            1. If you are the official internet editor… you should know that it is improper to begin a sentence with a lowercase letter. I would be surprised if you did not already know this, but there seems to be so many things that you do not know.

    1. I’m pretty sure for those who wanted a mini-tower this is clearly not what they wanted. I believe they were talking about an old Mac Pro shrunk down in size that could still take internal hard drives, PCI cards and optical drives. The new Mac Pro is not actually a tower in the traditional sense. More like a single-story apartment with three furnished rooms.

  5. @Grigori the Fucking Asshole

    He expressed an opinion, motherfucker. You got a problem with that? It’s fucking assholes like you that spoil the whole channel.

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