Man acquires woman’s iPhone; woman exacts revenge with parade of selfies

“Selfie experienced a big surge in 2013. It was added to the Oxford English Dictionary and voted word of the year,” James Peckham reports for Know Your Mobile. “One woman experienced a different year of the selfie.”

“After losing her iPhone on January 1 2013 the unnamed woman began receiving the new owner’s selfies via Apple’s iCloud service,” Peckham reports. “The woman has stated she doesn’t believe the man stole her phone, she thinks someone else found it and sold it to the gentleman in the photos. But the man doesn’t stop selfieying and the ex-owner took it upon herself to start a website where she mimics the moustached man throughout the year.”

Peckham reports, “It also doesn’t seem like the man has noticed he’s become an internet phenomenon yet either.”

Se the photos, with link to many more, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. If these carriers allowed a “kill switch” on phones then a lost or stolen phone couldn’t be re-sold later as it would be a worthless lump of plastic and metal.

  2. after amusing herself with the pictures for awhile, she should log into iCloud and lock the phone up with a screen message showing the URL to all the pictures.

  3. i don’t understand. She is receiving the images via iCloud? Why not simply lock the phone? UNless of course she was too stupid to enable find my phone.

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