2014: The Year Of Apple

“It might seem rather obvious to choose the largest name in the US as the name to watch in the new year, but 2014 is the year for Apple,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “2013 was definitely a transitional year, which set up the technology giant for good things to come in 2014. Today, it’s time to examine why 2014 will be an Apple-dominated year, more so than you might think.”

“Obviously, everyone is looking to see if Apple launches a smart watch, and potentially a TV as well. But the other items to look for are larger screen iPhones and iPads. Many Apple critics are calling for a larger iPhone, and Apple may launch a bigger one in 2014,” Maurer writes. “As for the tablet space, Apple will look to continue its dominance. However, the potential for a Google Nexus 7 model to feature Intel processors could make things interesting going forward for all tablets. Intel is trying to break into the tablet space in 2014, reducing the ARM Holdings stranglehold.”

Maurer writes, “Between the China Mobile deal, potential new products, and some help from the buyback, Apple analysts are expecting good things.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I was hoping for an iTV, but it seems I will buy a 55″ Sony 4K TV instead.

    Now when and if Apple makes a TV, it will take a lot of people by surprise and will be done well.

  2. Or else. Apple has taught the rest of the world to innovate and has raised the bar, but the others have now closed the gap – smart TV’s and media boxes and players have encroached on the Apple TV’s market. A dozen wearable devices have come out (although none are compelling yet) and by sheer volume of competitors’ devices (if not quality of experience) automobile manufacturers are eyeing the competition for in-car syncing. And other companies are proceeding with development of in-home networking as well.

    Friends whose opinions I respect are finding satisfying alternatives to the iPhone experience (prior iPhone users, in fact), and that hasn’t happened before.

    I still love the Apple experience, but fear seeing it marginalized now that Apple has shown the world where the puck is going and how to skate better. I think the stock price reflects those concerns, although that doesn’t matter much to me.

    Love (mostly) the Mac Pro. Looking forward to the next big thing.

    1. I think you (Grrrilla) are on to something, and it is inevitable. The smartphone is now ubiquitous, as is the tablet. I believe that Apple will continue to produce excellent devices that work exceptionally well within the ecosystem, but there are more and more viable alternatives. We’re coming into a situation not unlike the car industry: Which is “better”? Chevy or Ford (or Honda or Hyndai)? Answer: None of the above. (different strokes…)

      1. Yes an intelligent assessment that has always happened in Apples as with many others history. It’s why Apple doesn’t fight for overall market share its pointless even if I feel they could have done more to fend it off at times, especially iPhone. Fact is once you show the way you can only hope to keep a moderate lead overall, even Apple. Tesla will probably find this out too now that it has established the way to make a viable future for the whole concept.

    2. Interesting. Low-voters: If I’m wrong, please tell me why. Or did you one-star me because you didn’t like hearing what I said? I’ve been in, on, and about Apple since the 70’s. Correct me, if you can – I’m eager to think different.

      1. Grrrilla, your mistake was speaking the plain truth.

        Such honest assessments are not welcomed here by the many MDN fanboys who worship all things Apple and attack all things non-Apple.

        … if you keep it up, silverhawk will call you a troll — also without providing any intelligent rebuttal.

  3. 2011 is going to be the year of Apple. Oh, wait. 2012 is going to be the year of Apple. Oh, wait. 2013 is going to be the year of Apple. Oh, wait. 2014 is going to be the year of Apple. Oh, wait…

  4. I cannot see Apple who created the personal computer, smart phones, tablets and developed the GUI as we know it today would just enter into a field, ie TV sets, that essentially are dumb devices made for watching transmitted shows whose technology is made by only a few makers worldwide.

    There would be no room for Apple to move.

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