Susquehanna ups Apple price target to $650 on iPhone 5s strength

“Susquehanna Financial Group‘s Christopher Caso this afternoon reiterates a ‘Positive’ rating on Apple (AAPL) stock, and raises his price target to $650 from $625, writing that his ‘checks’ of Apple’s manufacturing partners and suppliers suggest that there has been a ‘significant production shift from iPhone 5C to 5S,’ which ‘imply a much stronger mix than originally anticipated,’ benefiting both revenue and margins,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

Ray reports that Caso wrote in a note to clients, “‘Following our most recent checks, we believe December iPhone builds are running in the 52-54 mln range, essentially in-line with our October 8 checks but better than our read in early December. Our checks indicate the mix has indeed shifted disproportionately to iPhone 5S, with production of 5S running nearly 4x that of 5C. Importantly, we note there wasn’t a fall off in demand for iPhone 5S after the initial strength of the launch. This shift should have beneficial revenue and gross margin implications for AAPL in C4Q.'”

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  1. This is all BS… Apple hasn’t been any better or worse than before and they were getting crap from the annalists.

    Now it’s all happy happy joy joy on the market for Cupertino…

    What? Did they suddenly put meds in the water?

    I am not harping on Apple. They are brilliant. But everyone one else from Consumer Reports to WSJ and NYT are schizoid.

  2. The market was rolling in green today for every company but Apple. Well, BlackBerry was also in the red for those who need believes in misery loves company. Apple’s stock performance is getting downright ugly. Its movement is impossible to fathom.

    1. To say that I am long on AAPL is a serious understatement. Holding seven figures in this equity currently, and have been one of the company’s biggest supporters since my first Apple ][e thirty years ago.

      That said, I tell anyone who asks my advice today to RUN, not walk, from this stock. (But NOT the company or its products, of course.) It is/has been dangerously “in play” by the big boys, not us serious small investors, for the past 15 months . . . and big pain awaits anyone not playing with long-term-gain house money.

      It takes almost no piece of bad (or even mediocre) news right now to drop the equity 2 or 3 percentage points in a single hour. Investor beware at this point. Very aware.

  3. I downgraded Apple last week from $550 to $510 on the reason China mobile deal not inked .
    Wall shit journal which made up this story won’t be ended so early like yesterday drop.
    I expect AAPL continue slide these weeks .

  4. Actual results and performance are utterly unimportant. The only thing that matters with Apple stock is the made up nonsense spouted by the analysts to manipulate the stock. Up recently in anticipation of a rumoured China deal, down when it hasn’t happened yet. If and when it does it will likely make no difference at all.

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