Why Apple’s 2014 won’t be like 2013

“As 2013 draws to a close, Tim Cook is feeling good. The holiday quarter once again proved that Apple’s products and stores can draw a crowd,” Dan Farber writes for CNET.

“In the coming year, Apple will continue its wash, rinse, repeat cycle, incrementally refreshing the iPads, iPhones, and Macs with more speed, less weight, longer battery life, additional sensors, and improved apps,” Farber writes. “There are also hints that 2014 won’t be another year of just incremental improvements like 2013. Apple could reveal something more dramatic and groundbreaking than adding a fingerprint sensor to an iPad or delivering iPhones and iPads with bigger screens and better cameras, or finally shipping the powerful R2-D2- looking Mac Pro.”

MacDailyNews Take: As if the world’s first 64-bit smartphone and tablets are incremental improvements. iBeacon alone is more dramatic and groundbreaking than anything Mr. Myopic seems to grasp.

“Apple is rumored to be working on several products that could be eventually pitched as the “most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” According to reports, Apple has in excess of 100 people working on an “iWatch.” The company has trademarked the iWatch name around the world, and has filed 79 patents containing the word ‘wrist,'” Farber writes. “The shift to mobile, wearable, augmented reality computing is just at its beginning. It’s a new world and Apple’s reign as a market maker and arbiter of good taste could be toppled. For that reason, the pressure is on Apple to make sure that 2014 has something more to keep its devoted fans in the fold than another cycle of upgrades.”

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  1. Apple toppled by desperate tech poseurs and the user device design clueless out there? Doubtful. I notice these tech writing fools don’t use the word “Killer” anymore in reference to a competing device against Apple. Finally learned their lesson. But get it through your heads, Apple is the leader and will remain the leader for some decades to come. They are not the moribund stagnant half-vast company that Microsoft has become or like the copying clueless at Samsung & Google.

  2. Doubtful that Apple will be toppled by a company that has copying everyone else in it’s DNA, or one so bloated as to not understand what the word innovation means, or one so ill-focused they can’t design a product that very many people want to buy in spite of their piles of cash.

  3. “Apple is rumored…”
    “According to reports…”

    My is there anything missing from all this, apart from the facts I mean.

    I love this one: “The shift to mobile, wearable, augmented reality computing is just at its beginning. It’s a new world and Apple’s reign as a market maker and arbiter of good taste could be toppled.”

    Uh huh, now that’s counting your chickens before they hatch.

    1. Without any suggestion of exactly who that new style leader and innovator might be, because there certainly is no sign as yet of one capable of so doing nor has there been for many a year. Start ups who might have the ability to do so in their DNA generally get bought up and absorbed into the corporate style or get beaten up by their stagnant but bigger competitors, Microsoft are your ears burning? Only Apple seems able to buy small innovative companies and actually let them off the hook like producing 64bit mobile chips but even with them it’s no certainty but with others it seems near impossible.

  4. Apple still hasn’t recovered from last year’s share price fiasco even though investors were throwing around money like it was Monopoly cash in 2013. Apple shareholders are still short around $150 a share, so I don’t think there will be any dancing in the streets. The best tech companies went straight up in value last year while Apple went straight down. The Curse of Andy Zaky is still in effect and I’m only going to relax when the curse is completely removed. The tech industry and Wall Street still believe Apple is on the road to Doomsville so I don’t think very much has changed since last year. Let’s wait to see whether the end of this quarter brings a feast or another famine. Crowds are one thing but shareholder value is something completely different. From what I remember, there were also crowds last year but they proved useless.

    Just like the recent Metro-North Rail accident, last year, the Little Engine that Could derailed with many casualties and fatalities because another motorman/CEO fell asleep at the throttle and I don’t look forward to seeing a repeat of that this year. Judging from Apple’s current atmosphere on Wall Street there seems to be an awful lot of stiff headwinds, so I feel Apple shareholders still have plenty to be concerned about.

  5. Dan Farber’s article from 2033:

    As the year draws to a close we see another ho-hum year from Apple without anything groundbreaking to speak of. Apple’s iFlux? We all knew about the Flux Capacitor back in the 1980’s, and Apple’s Star-Trek-like transporter idea has been around since the 1960’s. What we are sadly seeing here is a once great company in maintenance mode who’s best days are behind it.

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