Apple TV gets contract-free Sky Sports streaming in the UK

“Now TV, the contract-free, pay-as-you-go television streaming service from British broadcaster Sky, is now available on Apple TV in the UK,” Nick Summers reports for TNW. “Oddly, the service will only support the Sky Sports Day Pass, which offers 24-hours of unlimited access to Sky’s six sports channels, out of the gate.”

“With Apple’s petite set-top box, viewers are able to bill the pass – currently £9.99 – to their existing iTunes account and access the following: Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports News,” Summers reports. “Support for Apple TV is notable, although the omission of Sky’s entertainment channels, including Sky Movies, will be a disappointment to some [it’s a licensing issue].”

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    1. There was a similar issue with LoveFilm where you could watch it on any number of TV’s but not via Airplay. Nonsense. It’s one thing to have differing rights for different overall mediums, but if it’s on a TV via some online service, the device is largely irrelevant.

  1. Murdochvision- the original Evil Empire.

    No thanks.

    Fox TV, FX, Fixed Newz, Fox Sports, National Geographic TV, Fox Movies and any other Murdoch owned or related channels are blocked & with good reason.

      1. That man’s organisation attempted and for a time even succeeded in perverting the course of justice in this country and even our democracy. There are two previously high-up directors of NewsCorp subsidiaries on trial here in the UK right now. The charges include bribing public officials, tapping private conversations, coercing public figures with threats, etc. and we’re all supposed to believe Rupert and James didn’t know about it? If Brookes and Coulson are found guilty the USA should throw both Murdochs in prison, since proof of the crimes committed here means they have broken the law in the USA.

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