Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.1

Apple today released OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 Update which is recommended for all OS X Mavericks users. It improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac.

This update includes:

• Improved support for Gmail in OS X Mail, and fixes for users with custom Gmail settings Improves the reliability of Smart Mailboxes and search in Mail
• Fixes an issue that prevented contact groups from working properly in Mail
• Resolves an issue that prevented VoiceOver from speaking sentences that contain emoji
• Fixes an issue that prevented iLife and iWork apps from updating on non-English systems
• Addresses an issue that may cause multiple prompts to unlock “Local items” keychain
• Addresses an issue that may cause Japanese keyboards to retain a previously used language
• Resolves issue that prevents a Contact group name from populating the address field
• Includes Safari 7.0.1
• Fixes an issue that could cause Safari to become unresponsive when filling out forms on,, and other websites Improves Credit Card Autofill compatibility with websites
• Improves VoiceOver compatibility with
• Updates Shared Links periodically when open in the Safari Sidebar

For detailed information about this update, see the OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 Update.

OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 is available via Software Update and also via standalone installer.

More info and download link here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. Same here.
      Tired of the “time machine failed” message every other day.. And the finder lookups. (Which I bet are probably the same issue cause finder crashes about the same time)

    2. No fix for the error message when booted into the repair partition and running disk utility and verify disk or repair disk. That is, I still get the error message that the EFI file system needs to be repaired and that live file system repair is not supported when I try to repair it. How do I trust this if I can’t know whether the disk partitioning scheme has errors or not? Some say this error is just that the message is generated in error. If so, that shouldn’t have required much effort of fix, right? Very disappointed that this sort of basic thing is still broken.

      Also, iTunes is still not updating apps.

  1. I hope this is a big improvement, after the Mavericks upgrade my Imac works at a snails pace, I cannot scan properly, email has smtp problems and am always getting the wheel of death. Am very disappointed ….

    1. It’s not really a wheel of death, only windows users think that that exists. The pinwheel is just a “busy” cursor similar to the wristwatch in windows..

      There is a sort of “blue screen of death” on OS X, it is a grey screen that informs you there has been an unrecoverable kernel fault, but unlike on windows (where the blue screen of death is so common most years are familiar with it) the kernel fault screen (an actual system crash) is extremely rare on macs (normally only on bad hardware)

      1. … last for hours. And there’s nothing you can do to make it go away. Well, sometimes. You cannot even do an orderly shutdown!
        Given that, I’d say it can seem to equate to a “pinwheel of death”. It happens on my wife’s iMac more than on my own. She tends to leave programs running in the background – or just off the screen.

        1. Have you taken it in to see a genius?
          Did you try to switch off the current application via keyboard? (command tab) or use option command escape to bring up the force quit dialog?

          It seems to me that you have a problem don’t know if it is hardware or some kernel extension you have installed.

          Again there is a fundamental difference between busy cursor and the kernel has an unrecoverable fault (system crash) You may even be hanging the finder (sometimes it helps to switch off to another app and then call force quit to restart the finder)
          Unlike windows OS X is a pretty rock solid OS, it is nearly impossible to hang or crash it (again assuming no hardware problems and no errant 3rd party kernel extensions.)

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