Apple releases iOS 7.1 beta 2 to developers

“Nearly one month following the initial iOS 7.1 beta, Apple has released a second beta to developers,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“The beta is available via the online developer center portal, and has also just begun hitting devices over-the-air,” Gurman reports. “New versions of Xcode 5.1 beta and software for Apple TV are also available.”

Gurman reports, “The previous iOS 7.1 beta brought various, minor interface tweaks and new accessibility options.”

Read more, and see screenshots of the changes, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. It’s been over a year now that MDN has been telling us to stand by for a full 4″ display app, with nothing materializing. Surely all their annoying adds have generated enough cash flow to pay a programmer to update their app?

    I enjoy their snarky comments, but increasingly I think they don’t really care about the iPhone at all. They seem to just be milking their viewers with the least amount of effort they can get away with.

    So sad. Is it really that tough to use Apple’s tools to create an iOS 7 app? Or is the real issue they haven’t found a way to monetize it sufficiently to be worth their time?

    Apple’s charging away updating iOS 7 just reminded me how dated the MDN app is.

    1. It’s so true and annoys the hell out if me. They are not real advocates of Apple at all they are just hit whores. Developers’ have stated here that they have offered to do it for free?

      And Samsung adverts really?

      I have a strong feeling that the usual trolls we see here – yes we know right?

      Get fucked MDN

  2. So…..Anyone out there testing it please chime in.

    Does Apple add more look and feel refinements, like borders around buttons, possibly black text instead of gray on white background, less white everywhere, adding full calendar view back, keyboard easier to read, icons in place of words put back.

    Most intriguing, more user preferences on how it looks would solve much of this battle over the look and feel. Not everybody wants a white Porsche.

    1. Exactly. Like I posted in a separate thread this morning.

      “Apple needs to make MAJOR improvements to their iOS Calendar app if they want to truly dominate the corporate sector. Try to make a recurring appointment for the 4th Thursday of every month with the Calendar app on your iPhone. Go ahead, I’ll wait……”

  3. when is iOS7 font going to be fixed?! it’s horribly thin & unreadable as are icons that disappear in background images.

    strange Apple decision since 1984 Apple invented digital fonts as art, and now iOS7 f’ fonts!?!

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