iPhone 6 rumors: Curved display, Liquidmetal, sapphire glass, and more

“More evidences are coming out that on its release date the iPhone 6 is a concoction of killer features from the inside and incredible craftsmanship plus durability on the outside,” Erik Pineda reports for International Business Times.

“In a new patent awarded to Apple this week, it was revealed that the company has developed a new manufacturing technique that paves the way for the inclusion of curved touch sensors to upcoming iOS and OS X devices,” Pineda reports. “This new technology is expected to meld with an earlier Apple patent that hinted the use of Liquidmetal on upcoming iPhone and iPad models. The material is malleable during the manufacturing stage that allows for virtually any device mould which Apple plans to use on the iPhone 6. Once Liquidmetal has been moulded to the desired shape and form then subjected to controlled tempering, the gadget that it houses, in this case the iPhone 6, becomes almost indestructible.”

Pineda reports, “And as if aiming to come out with the perfect iOS device in the rumoured Apple phablet next year, the tech giant will also reportedly include sapphire glass and coating to its supply chain, this time giving the material more prominent role.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeff.L” for the heads up.]


    1. For me, no tech story this year has been quite as sweet as the wave of sickened surprise sweeping over the faces of industry insiders after Apple’s announcement of a 64 bit mobile OS, here, now. So nice to see smug, knowing smiles wiped clean away.

    1. Funny, tens of millions of people seem to find a four inch screen perfectly usable…
      Personally, I’d be happy with a slightly larger screen, about 5″, but no more.
      A Liquidmetal frame would be spiffy, along with a full sapphire glass display.
      Curved, not bothered one way or the other.
      Going to get one as my next upgrade regardless.

  1. *Sigh*

    LiquidMetal again. Curved glass. Sapphire glass. Larger screen.

    Rehash, repackage, re-release.

    Isn’t the next iPhone at least 6 months, if not 8, away? And yet all of these rumors have everything finalized? Whatever.

    Wake me up when the Taser option gets rumored.

        1. In that same All Things D interview, Tim Cook noted that there are a lot of wearable devices that do one thing well, but none that do a lot of things well.

          Look at some of Apple’s recent acquisitions and high-level hires. Something interesting is brewing, something more than a watch.

  2. The curved glass patent would seem to me to have much more relevance in a smart watch where it is needed to curve around a wrist. Or in some sort of wearable product. Of course Apple always does seem to surprise in some areas, however many of the future products may never come to pass so speculation is a guessing game at best.

  3. It doesn’t matter what Apple adds to the iPhone, the mobile industry will continue to see Apple as lacking innovation. The next iPhone will merely be looked upon as evolution and nothing will change as to how the company is perceived. All that matters is will Apple be able to sell more of them. If Apple isn’t able to sell more iPhones then even if the iPhone is made up of 100% Liquidmetal, it will be called an iFlop just like the 5c is being called. Only increased sales numbers matters to Wall Street.

  4. Whatever the design of the iPhone 6, it was likely finalized some time ago. It takes time to prototype, test, and tool for production. There will be leaks as to externals as a result, the internals are a different story as we saw with the release of 64 bit hardware.

  5. I don’t get it – why would we want curved glass? How’s that going to fit in your front pocket? Uncomfortably. Ugh. My opinion is the only opinion that matters because it’s is right; curved glass is stupid.

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