Why was Apple’s lawyer paying Steve Jobs’ liver transplant doctor’s taxes and utilities?

“Dr. James Eason, the Memphis surgeon who performed Steve Jobs’ liver transplant in 2009 — and later bought the Memphis house where Jobs convalesced — allowed Apple (AAPL) outside counsel to pay his taxes and utilities for nearly two years,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“That revelation came at the end of Southern Transplant, Marc Perrusquia’s front page story Thursday in the Memphis Commercial Advocate,” P.E.D. reports “The fact that Eason paid a bargain price to an Apple-owned shell company for Jobs’ two story, 13-room house came out when he was asked about it at a June 2012 hearing. ‘It’s a fair question,’ Eason said, assuring local commissioners there was ‘absolutely not’ any deal cut to secure a liver for Jobs. But according to the Commercial Appeal, Eason didn’t tell commissioners everything he knew.”

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    1. The Truth?

      4 still dead from Benghazi. But nobody knows anything and the government ain’t talking and besides ‘at this point, what difference does it make?’

      1. And hundreds and thousands of Americans are still dead all over the world, killed under a wide variety of circumstances, most of which you are probably unaware and will remain ignorant for the rest of your life.

        Benghazi was a sad event. Sad like the Beirut bombing. Sad like the Iranian hostage affair. Sad like many other conflicts all over the world. You believe that Benghazi could and should have been avoided…that the government would have done the “right thing” is someone else were in the White House or the Cabinet. Given the complexity of the U.S. government and diplomatic deployments all over the world, I seriously doubt it. But if you want to anchor your beliefs on one specific event based upon fear, uncertainty, and doubt from your preferred source of “truth,” then enjoy your self-delusions. No one can change your mind. But I won’t join you, either.

        1. I think you’re missing the point here. While you’re right, many Americans die around the world, Benghazi was different because the president and his administration bold faced lied to the American public about what happened.

          Regardless of you political persuasion, you can’t deny the administration simply made up a story about an internet video and spoon fed it to the Sunday news shows. It was a lie. A lie to cover up a mistake made by an administration trying to get re-elected.

          What’s sad is that this is the same pattern we’ve seen for almost six years. Very little accountability, very little ownership, and very little leadership. I blame myself and others who voted for ‘hope and change’. We elected a guy with no leadership experience, and it’s painfully obvious he’s under-prepared to lead. But, we put him there, so we’ll live with it for a couple more years.

          Please note, I neither flamed nor attacked anyone on this forum. I wonder if I’ll be treated the same?

          1. Name one President that didn’t lie to the American people at some point during their presidency in the past 100 or so years. The only difference is that over the past 30 or so, the world has gotten much smaller between the internet and connected mobile devices. So much harder to get away with the bald-faced lies these days. But lest we forget that we’ve been fighting two wars for more than 10 years now that were predicated off of the same kind of intentional governmental misinformation…

          2. What it was, and still is, was a total intelligence screw up — before, during AND after the fact. There were so many different stories pouring into Congress and the Administration and into The Press that absolutely no one — truly absolutely no one — knew what was going on or what happened until many weeks after the fact.

            If you want to go after someone’s head, go after Clapper’s head. His job is to give an accurate picture of what’s going on in the world to Obama. The fact that he failed miserably before, during and after the events and still has his job is the real travesty. If you trace the story back, you’ll find that this was the story that was put forth by Clapper’s intelligence community as the first, most probable trigger. So blame Clapper and his staffs (he has several). OR are you saying that Obama should not have believed his DNI?

            Obama and his senior staff can only relay the best information they have. This usually goes for The Press too (but not always). Hell, The Press was repeating a story from a “first hand account” for a few months that turned out to be 99.999% false (about the only things that were accurate in his account were his name and the fact that he was in the same country at the time). Why aren’t you damning The Press over this and demanding that each and every press outlet that did not fully investigate the stories and instead ran the “flavor of the week” version (and there were *several* such “flavors of the week” in the ensuing weeks) come forth and reveal how they continuously screwed up the story for several months?

      2. That is idiotic. We know everything about what happened there except in the fevered imaginations of the tea party fools and Republicans trying to make hay from the deaths.
        Funny how these same people pretending to be concerned about Benghazi have no regard at all for the deaths relating from George Bush’ lies and corruption leading to many thousands of deaths and injuries.
        Unlike you chicken hawks I was Marine Corps infantry and have multiple combat tours.

      3. And when 3000 Americans died, we got a bullshit comission of bush / Nixon cronies who refused to even interview the administration under oath, wouldn’t challenge bush & Cheney’s demand to testify together (in case one slipped up in the lies).

        It also took 3 years to even get a comission convened at all, and condelleza rice got caught lying red handed, about the warnings they had in hand from numerous agencies for months.

        So cry me a river if your manufactured scandal, based on a guy who was paid big bucks by fox to claim he saw things he didn’t, wasn’t where he claimed he was. and is generally full of shit are rightfully ignored.

    1. Why are virtually all comments skirting around the fact that this is pretty dubious?
      I guess it all a moot point since his death but I’m afraid that this and previous acts do show that his genius had flaws.
      Clearly that’s not a reflection on Apple so I’m not sure why comments can’t be biased free.

  1. Because a surgeon is reimbursed $4500, Medicare to transplant a liver. Look it up. Now before we get testy about that figure, remember that is pre tax, pre office overhead, pre malpractice insurance (more the 100k) and includes the first 90 days of post op visits… I wonder why the guy would need help buying a nice house?

  2. If Jobs can shaft Woz, walk away from his baby in the hospital, lie to the police about it not being his kid, go to grave the richest and stingiest billionaire in the graveyard, and be an ignorant dumb ass not listening to his doctors and eating fucking herbs and leaves, why can’t he buy off a doctor in his final moment of panic when he knew he signed his own death sentence. OK you asswipe Jobs apologists, get writing.

    1. While we’re at it let’s tally up all of FG’s sins and watch the list zoom off the charts heinously as compared to Steve Jobs. Jobs made mistakes but unlike you or me is a public figure so this stuff gets broadcast for all time, but it doesn’t sum up the man.

      If at your eulogy just all the bad stuff of your life was brought up you’d look like biggest asshole of all time too. I think Steve was mostly about the good stuff he did and contributed to mankind. Don’t be so disingenuously quick to judge.

    2. Actually, you have no f’g idea whether he was stingy or not. It’s known that he gave money, but he seemed to have always done it anonymously. I don’t think Woz thinks he was shafted, judging by his eulogy, and I have my doubts about whether you’ve correctly characterized what happened about the child. But, I doubt you’d reconsider, you have some burr up your ass.

  3. Anyone ever thought that Job’s, after hearing that the guy who saved his life was having marital problems, said, I’ve got this house I barely use in Memphis why don’t u stay there while you try & work things out? Maybe he felt that he owed him something & tried to do him a favour? In the end it’s all about money which makes for a great way to twist & spin something into a scandal.

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