Apple iPhones are the top 9 selling smartphones in Japan

“BCN is a Japanese company that tracks consumer electronic device sales in Japan,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “It publishes data on a weekly basis and in its latest findings Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c are in the first nine positions and 11 of the top 14.”

“In Kantar’s latest smartphone survey ending in October it estimates that the iPhone’s Japanese market share was 61.1% on a three month rolling average but hit 76.1% in the month of October,” Jones writes. “If BCN’s numbers are anywhere close to being right, the addition of NTT DoCoMo along with new iPhones and iPads should produce stellar results in this region for at least the December quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You know, because “the Japanese hate the iPhone.”

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  1. Another article from 2009 on Wired’s Gadget Lab also titled “Why the Japanese hate the iPhone” (updated)
    Here is the link
    Eventually all the FUD is exposed for the bullish*t that it is.

  2. I’m glad that Apple products are so popular here in Japan. Thank you for finally offering unlocked iPhones at your online store. I just wish Apple would sell it’s own branded and priced SIM cards here, that could be topped up at the app store. NTT Docomo, AU KDDI and Softbank have many good points. But dudes just get out of the way because we don’t like you! We are here for the Apple stuff! Period.

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