The single greatest piece of advice Steve Jobs gave ‘Frozen’ executive producer John Lasseter

“Steve Jobs passed away two years before the release of Disney’s blockbuster animated movie, Frozen, yet his influence is on every frame,” Carmine Gallo reports for Forbes. “When I watched the 3D version with my two girls, I was struck by detail. The way the ice cracks, the water moves, and the snow falls makes Frozen one of the most beautifully animated films ever made.”

“As I watched the movie, I also thought about the three words that are probably the best business and career advice ever given: Make it great,” Gallo reports. “The true story goes like this. After Steve Jobs bought Pixar in 1986, a young animator named John Lasseter had to pitch Jobs on a short film. It was Lasseter’s first real meeting with his new boss. Jobs had one suggestion — ‘make it great.'”

“The short, Tin Toy, went on to win the first academy award ever given for computer animation and set the foundation for what later would become Toy Story,” Gallo reports. “Lasseter, who is now the chief creative director of Walt Disney Animation Studios (and Frozen’s executive producer) said it was the most profound advice he’s ever received.”

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            2. And Ted Nugent for Sec. of Defense all the way
              I would love it. I can already hear him saying…”Go ahead, F with us and that’s the last F you’ll ever have.” Sanctions are for pussies.

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    1. Mostly Steve Jobs just renamed his $10 million dollar computer graphics group acquisition from George Lucas “Pixar.” Technically not something he co-founded so much as acquired which was people and software. But he turned it into something eventually so much more.

    2. DeRS – try not to throw around the word “ignorant” when you’re not completely in touch with the facts. Pixar’s own website makes it clear that the company was started in 1979, when George Lucas recruited the legendary Ed Catmull away from NY Institute of Technology, where he basically invented half the tools required for computer animation. Jobs didn’t come on the scene until 1986, when Lucas’ in-house group was spun off and renamed. Lucas’ team wasn’t the basis for Pixar. It WAS Pixar.

      1. Steve Jobs did not say make it, after all that

        He said make it great !

        Then, amidst pushback and controversy, he did not accept anything else

        Get used to the fact that striving for greatness involves amazing things, and some are uncomfortable with taking something half baked and pushing it to the limit

        all that crap from others is just “make it” and most is just “make it the same, only just enough different”

  1. Unless you are running things it is not often that an organization will allow you to make it great. Your coworkers may resent you, your superiors may fear you.

    ‘The nail that sticks up gets hammered down’.

  2. ” … I was struck by detail. The way the ice cracks, the water moves, and the snow falls makes Frozen one of the most beautifully animated films ever made.”

    And it follows Sir Jony gave us OS LESS 7. Completely shitcanning Steve’s rich and illustrative vision in film and software design for thin outlines … unreal.

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