Apple may earn $10 billion in added revenue via China Mobile iPhone deal

“China Mobile (CHL) finally signed a deal with Apple (AAPL). As a result, things are about to heat up in mainland China as Apple’s potential market has grown by an additional 700 million customers, according to the Wall Street Journal,” Alex Cho writes for Seeking Alpha. “The potential upside from this deal could be substantial, but in order to fully appreciate the potential we have to quantify the opportunity properly. This means addressing the geographic income distribution of China and then calculating the amount of market share Apple can gain in that upper-income bracket.”

“Currently, analysts estimate that Apple will grow revenue from $170.1 billion to $180.75 billion between 2013 and 2014,” Cho writes. “Factoring in an extra $10 billion in revenue from the China Mobile deal and we can expect Apple’s revenues to grow to around $190.75 billion for fiscal year 2014.”

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  1. That $10 Billion number is extremely conservative. Of the 760 million customers, CM already has 42 million iPhone users. These are mostly old black and grey market iPhones that people paid more money for than what new iPhones will cost with the subsidies under this deal.

    I’m predicting that the number will be closer to $30 Billion, and even that’s being conservative.

    1. Thanks for being conservative because your numbers coming about where I am hoping and that leads me to think that maybe since Wall Street sucks,
      I’m better off listening to you, and then let’s call for 25 billion just to be conservative on your Version and ultimately we Will probably wind up suprised, the both of us, because being an eternal pessimist leaves me to always be delighted with the outcome, and so far I’ve been delighted with the outcome from Apple over the past ten years, despite my pessimism.

  2. I think everyone’s getting a little ahead of themselves. At least wait for the official announcement and then see how sales proceed before making up all these huge potential sales numbers. Apple hasn’t reached $600 yet so Apple is well short of last year’s $700 mark despite overall stock market gains. It’s hardly any time to be popping champagne corks.

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