Samsung gets caught yet again with celebrity tweeting Galaxy ad from their Apple iPhone

“A global ad campaign to promote Samsung devices, involving soccer stars and an alien invasion story, instead revealed that the fantasy campaign’s star manager Franz Beckenbauer tweets from his iPhone, not a Galaxy device,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The campaign hit a snag when Beckenbauer, the legendary leader of its fantasy team, tweeted out the next segment of the story from his iPhone,” Dilger reports. “Once noticed, metadata tag was removed.”

“Sending promotional tweets about other products from Apple’s iOS devices seems to be quite popular. In October, T-Mobile chief executive John Legere intended to use Twitter to direct attention to Samsung Mobile’s latest Note 3 phablet, but inadvertently did so via his new iPhone 5s,” Dilger reports. “Last year, Oprah Winfrey used an iPad to send out tweets endorsing Microsoft’s Surface, using the hashtag “#FavoriteThings” to say she had bought a dozen of them for Christmas gifts. After BlackBerry paid Alicia Keys to serve as its Creative Director, she sent a personal tweet from her iPhone in February, then removed it and claimed her account had been ‘hacked.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course celebrities use iPhones and iPads. They wouldn’t settle for half-assed knockoffs. The funny thing is that they’ll use some of Samsung’s “endorsement” money to pick up more Apple gear.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. I expect them to use the products they endorse. I no longer respect Oprah as I once did as a callow admirer, and I tweeted my disapproval at the time. One can only hope that the weight of fan disillusionment penetrates the moral cocoons of those mirroring the aspirations of millions.

    2. MDN is full of shit. They love to post how Samsung paid for endorsers are tweeting from iPhones, thereby promoting a lie, but they forget that they themselve zealously censor comments that are negative towards Apple which is another lie.

      MDN are nothing more than bullshit artists themselves censoring others for what they do themselves.

      1. … “right’. For starters, MDN is NOT “full of shit”. A bit dishonest? Extremely opinionated? Sure.
        They don’t (often) delete the posts they happen to disagree with. They almost NEVER delete offensive or off-topic posts they agree with. You read their comments, though, and you know how they feel. They are not paid to tout … Samsung or Microsoft, as examples. Well, they, sort of, are, but those are randomly-selected ads chosen by a third-party computer. They sold the space used to a conglomerate. Still, it is really annoying to see them.

        1. … that a great many of the visitors here are opinionated and some are less than fastidious about their “facts” – though this could easily be attributed to their sources. And, NO, I’m not claiming to be free of either flaw. I am way more than a “little opinionated”, though I do try to be careful about my “facts”. I’m old, forgetful, and may be mis-informed.

        1. I admired Steve Jobs who has feet of clay but constantly strived for perfection. Given enough time and desire, we all can make the world a better place. Oprah Winfrey has done a very good job to focus many people on the virtues needed to improve the world. We have to forgive a small failing in sincerity.

          1. Bullshit, they’re nothing but hypocritical lying assholes who would sell there mother for a buck. You can kiss their butts and make lame excuses all you want, but those dishonorable turds deserve absolutely no respect.

  1. Don’t you guys get it yet?

    These celebrities are clever. They make the “mistake” on PURPOSE. They all know Samdung is a fucking evil company that needs to be killed.

    By the way, this is just AMAZING foresight by Steve.

    SJ: I want every iphone to declare that the “tweet”, “text”, “email” or any other “transmission” to indicates that it was sent from an iPhone.

  2. Yeah I don’t think it took Jessica Alba more than 5 seconds to go back to her iPhone once her deal with Nokia/Microsoft was up. So much for that amazing Lumia phone, as soon as they stop paying you to use it, back to the iPhone it is.

  3. Where are the lawyers? Aren’t there truth-in-advertising laws that have been broken? Or consumer protection laws? Aren’t there class action lawsuits to be made on behalf of those people who bought the wrong phone as a consequence of misleading claims? A couple of good lawsuits — aimed at celebrities and the companies paying them — would put a quick end to this sort of shenanigans.

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