BGR reviews Apple’s iPad Air: Every new iPad is the best iPad yet, but the iPad Air is something more

“When Apple first introduced the MacBook Air, the world looked on in amazement,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “What kind of sorcery was this? How could Apple squeeze a 13-inch laptop into a case so remarkably slim and sleek? But now we’re spoiled. Making gadgets thinner and sleeker with each new iteration isn’t impressive anymore — it’s expected. Forget the R&D, engineering and technology involved, this year’s phones, laptops and tablets have to be thinner than last year’s models.”

“And so when Apple unveiled its completely redesigned iPad Air, people weren’t nearly as impressed as they were with the MacBook Air back in 2008,” Epstein writes. “While the impact of the iPad Air on consumers can’t possibly match the wow factor Apple achieved with the MacBook Air, those who think Apple’s latest full-size iPad is anything short of a huge step forward should think again.”

“I have now spent a month with Apple’s new iPad Air. Prior to owning the Air, I had a third-generation iPad tablet; I didn’t bother upgrading to the fourth-generation model — though I have used it extensively — because it was a very minor upgrade compared to the third-gen version,” Epstein writes. “The iPad Air is noticeably better in every way compared to the fourth-generation model. It’s thinner and lighter than the previous iPad, the battery lasts longer, performance is much faster and smoother, and the design is far more attractive. Everything about the iPad Air is better.”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. I wonder if the author is disappointed that the millions of buyers didn’t read his review first. Perhaps, in retrospect, they can indulge themselves and read it post-purchase, where their retail decision can be seen as a true affirmation of their power as a consumer.

    Or they’ll be disappointed when they find that there is no Touch ID.

    Alas, alack, the clock has struck
    Damn me to hell and f$#% my luck.

    1. Consider that TouchID requires sapphire for touch. Apple just bought 10 sapphire growing machines and hired the company that makes the machines to run its factory.

      Once its up and running, there will be enough sapphire to allow TouchID on all the items.

      Just saying.

  2. Are you kidding? I was totally blown away by the iPad Air. That’s why on day one, I went out and bought one. I was orinally going to get an iPad mini because I felt the 9.8″ iPad was too heavy for everyday use. The Air’s weight reduction was a huge game changer, and I’m glad to have the extra screen size at a comfortable weight.

  3. I will share one thing:

    The guy mentions in the article that the IPA will not replace work computers.

    My response is, “and not should it”. Trucks are still needed.

    But, my office issued laptop stays at tr office, locked in it dicking station unless I need to get on a plane.

    My iPad travels with me to and from the office and does everything I need while I am not sitting at my desk.

    I will enjoy the new IPA and it’s lighter weight and better performance.

    Need to go to the store now…

  4. Actually when Apple first introduced the MacBook Air, the world mostly whined about the lack of CD drive, limited storage, and various now-obsolete ports and connectors. Took a few years for the world to catch on, and for cloud storage and Wifi connectivity to catch up.

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