U.S. judge Lucy Koh dismisses Apple consumer lawsuit over data privacy

“A California federal judge has dismissed a consumer lawsuit over data privacy against Apple Inc, saying the plaintiffs had failed to show they had relied on any alleged company misrepresentations and that they had suffered harm,” Casey Sullivan reports for Reuters. “The four plaintiffs claimed in 2011 that Apple had violated its privacy policy, saying the iPhone maker had designed its iOS environment to easily transmit personal information to third parties that collect and analyze such data without user consent or detection.”

“U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh in San Jose, California dismissed the case,” Sullivan reports. “‘Plaintiffs must be able to provide some evidence that they saw one or more of Apple’s alleged misrepresentations, that they actually relied on those misrepresentations, and that they were harmed thereby,” Koh said in the November 25 ruling.'”

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    1. Comrads, we all must sacrifice our privacy for the greater good of establishing the communist paradise that our dearly beloved Kenyan Ape King has planned for all of us.

      Heil Oballha! Heil Oballha! Heil Oballha! Heil Oballha!

      All together now…

  1. I am an Apple fanboy, nonetheless, I believe the pressure needs to be kept up on all of these tech companies to use their client metadata as little as possible other than for their own corporate uses, not to sell, not to share or distribute in anyway shape or form across the Internet, or in any other way with other corporate entities, without the explicit permission of their product users and or clients.

    1. … entities? While I agree with your statement, I must argue with this artificial limitation. I am much more concerned about our own government – bad enough under Bush, worse still under Obama – executing warrantless searches on my communications. If you don’t feel this is a violation of your privacy, how about an insult to your finances? You and your best buds could be charged with corrupting minors for planning a kegger that “kids” attended, then have the p0rn your brother watched (on YOUR computer!) played and entered into evidence as proof of your moral turpitude. So much for your reputation!

      1. You need to learn the facts. The NSA’s searches of user data have been under court-ordered warrants. Nothing was warrantless. I don’t agree with the NSA’s premise and certainly not how it seems to routinely mislead the U.S. Surveillance Courts, but that’s another issue. Neither Apple nor any other company has much choice when served with a warrant for records.

        It’s very convenient for people to say that Apple should have resisted harder, but this isn’t just some government agency sending a letter asking for information. This is a federal court ordering Apple to hand over information. Apple’s only recourse is to comply then go back to the same court and file objections to the warrant. All of that would be secret due to the court from which the warrant was issued.

        In reality, there’s little Apple can do.

        1. OMFG Bizlaw. You’re pretending you know what you’re talking about again. Here comes another flamewar over your lack of comprehension of reality versus those who seek to wake you the hell up!

          Just know folks: The Bizlaw diatribe above about “Nothing is warrantless” is rubbish. You can’t have a just and legal warrant without probable cause. No probable cause? The NSA destroyed the US Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.

          Then go read the FISC loud (but censored) objections to NSA’s ‘justifications’ for blanket surveillance of US citizens on US soil. Again: Unconstitutional.

          Conversation over.
          But that won’t stop Bizlaw. *yawn*

          Meanwhile: Thank you Edward Snowdon, actual patriot.

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