Cramer: Looks like an Apple Christmas

“If you’re searching for outsized gains into year-end, Jim Cramer thinks you might want to give Apple a second loo,” Lee Brodie reports for CNBC.

“The ‘Mad Money’ host sees many reasons to believe the path of least resistance is higher,” Brodie reports. “‘It’s probably the cheapest stock in the Nasdaq 100 after you back out the cash,’ he said. ‘Also, it offers a decent dividend that can go higher and it’s got the biggest buyback on Earth.'”

“However, perhaps most important, after falling out of favor earlier in the year, Apple is again at break even,” Brodie reports. “With investors who were down for the year now made whole, Cramer believes fundamental catalysts could drive a rally. And Cramer sees big fundamental catalysts.”

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  1. Well, it is Jim Cramer, but I agree with his comments. Whether that influences the stock price, however, yet remains to be seen. I’m certainly in for the long term, regardless!

            1. I won’t leave ya hanging:

              It’s when, not if it might fail
              Makes ‘droid trolls extra spiteful,
              But as every iPhone user knows,
              SAMSUNG BLOWS,
              SAMSUNG BLOWS,
              SAMSUNG BLOWS!

  2. One can only hope after a miserable 2012 and such a lackluster 2013 that things turn a little brighter for Apple shareholders next year. I don’t expect Apple to catch up to the general market because that’s too much to hope for considering how most tech stocks have pulled out such a huge lead over Apple.

    I think Apple will get past the $500 billion market cap mark by the end of the year but after last year’s Apple meltdown I suppose nothing is a sure thing. I’m hoping for improvements but I’m not ready to pop any champagne cork just yet.

    1. I suggest we pop the champagne to celebrate Christmas, end of year and being Apple shareholders, before it is too late and we are no longer on the face of this earth.

      That way we will have enjoyed some good cheers whether or not AAPL pops up.

      Why wait?? You just said it, nothing is a sure thing. Salud!!

  3. The massive increases had to stop sometime and when they did everyone panics. Now the doomsayers realise that actually the World of Apple hasn’t ended that stability is there despite all the increased competition and dare I say it maybe even realising they are well placed to carry on in this state of consolidation even as most of the competition starts to struggle with next years new boy on the block.

    At that point reasonable value returns and as and when the next big thing launches decent growth return. People just have to grow up and understand that being the Worlds largest Tech company is bound to create something of a plateau where you stop being the chaser and become the chased. Dealing with that transformation is the important thing and sacking Cook would despite some idiots blathering always have been like taking advice from a Dodo.

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