Apple nears China Mobile iPhone deal as 4G TD-LTE launch approaches on December 18th

“China Mobile recent advertisement touting the launch of a new brand for mobile services next month has fueled fresh speculation about an imminent iPhone deal,” Trefis Team writes for Forbes.

“The carrier announced late last week that it will introduce a new service at its 4G global partners conference in Guangzhou on December 18,” Trefis writes. “The carrier has been splurging on its 4G network in recent quarters and expects to incur over $7 billion in build-out costs this year. Welcoming the new network with the iPhone could make for a good move by the carrier, which will be looking to recoup its costs faster and wrest back some of the market share advantage it has lost to rivals in recent years.”

“As for Apple, a deal with China Mobile opens up a huge subscriber base of 750 million that has largely remained untapped in the absence of iPhone subsidies,” Trefis writes. “To arrive at the long-term average sales, we look at AT&T T -0.25%’s percentage of iPhone activations to total retail subscriber base for 2012. AT&T had about 21.3 million iPhone activations in 2012, and it ended the year with more than 77.8 million subscribers, taking the percentage close to 27% in about five years for which it had the iPhone. If China Mobile were to reach this percentage by 2020, it could be selling close to 200 million additional iPhones a few years out. In our analysis, we are taking a more conservative estimate of 100 million additional iPhones by 2020 considering the more competitive dynamics at the lower end in China.”

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“A new report by Xinhua, tipped by reader Jim Neal, describes China Mobile as starting its home-grown version of 4G LTE data service on the 18th under the new brand He, ‘meaning harmonious in the Chinese language,'” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “t also added, ‘Apple, Inc is also set to introduce iPhones supporting the 4G network in China, industry insiders said. The US giant and China Mobile are in negotiations over the 4G iPhone and they will launch it officially on December 18.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dominick P.” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. True, but this is the first time the China Mobile customers could not buy a 64-bit Knock-Off phone. ALL Android phones and other feature phones are 32-bit turds. As the Chinese get use to the 64-bit speed in their iPads, they will not settle for anything running at half the speed. Not in their phones or tablets! Samsung (and HTC) has been caught cheating on the speed tests and everyone knows it now.

      If your turd was as good, why did you have to cheat? These turds are turds without honor!

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