Would you be interested in a 13-inch iPad Pro?

“The minute Apple launches one hotly rumored device, be it the iPad Air or Retina iPad mini, a new rumored device races up to take its place in the mill,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

“Enter a 13-inch ‘iPad Pro’ – a concept that leapt to every geek’s mind the moment they heard Apple adopt that other MacBook brand,” Ritchie writes. “Now I’m not so much interested in the rumor – there will always be rumors – but in how Apple could realize such an object. In how iOS could be scaled to that screen size, and what it would provide beyond the existing, 9.7-inch iPad, or the 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air.”

“The easiest way to add a new screen size to the iPad lineup is to scale the existing one(s). That’s what Apple did when it turned the iPad 2 into the iPad mini – they took the original 1024×768 9.7-inch display and shrank it down to 7.9-inches,” Ritchie writes. “As of October 2013, both the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini have 2048×1536 – @2x – screens at 264 ppi and 326 ppi respectively… So, could Apple simply scale the 9.7-inch screen up for a 13-inch iPad Pro the way they scaled it down for a 7.9-inch iPad mini?”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just tell us where to enter our credit card number!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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    1. Then you’ll be the loser in this one; MacBook is a dead end. The current form factor is a clamshell; one slice too many; tablet is the future.

      Just as sure as there are pliable keyboards, so too will there be translucent Fruit Roll-up iPads that come to life with a touch.

      It’s not that far away. Nor is it a leap to think Steve Jobs didn’t envision a pliable computer considering the trajectory of the original Macintosh; smaller and smaller, and IMO towards holography; which I believe factors in Apple’s acquisition of motion-tech. Microsoft acquired It for games, Apple will think different and CNet will trash Apple for a lack of innovation.

      1. MacBook is not a dead end.
        There is a LOT more power with a MacBook Pro than in a tablet because of the heat of the processors.
        This is why ARM is still being used in mobile devices.

        Some day yes, tablets/pads could replace desktops.
        But in the meantime, I still enjoy my keyboard and 27″ thunderbolt!

        1. “But in the meantime…”

          Everything you said up to that point went nowhere. Cut me some slack here. The MacBook form factor is going to last how much longer when iPad advancements are becoming thinner with each iteration?

          Do any of you really believe Apple would dumb down iPad’s progression for the sake of MacBook?

      2. Hang on roll up 13 inch iPads are not exactly imminent and till then I have a folding cover that makes it as thick if not thicker than an MacBook Air especially if it holds a keyboard. Probably best not to get ahead of ourselves. iPads are still well short of what the Mac OS can do and likely will be for some years yet so some time before One replaces the other.

        1. Oh one will replace the other alright and the time for celebrating trucks is over; where I live, no heavy lifting required.

          Steven King found Macintosh and bought new each time a lighter product was produced; not everyone edits 4k video, nor is everyone a scientist at NASA, and more importantly you will never own a Mac Pro, even though you could probably afford one.

          iPads form factor is the future and and the desktop has become the analog for ball & chain.

          Apple will be the first tablet maker to introduce 128-bit processors, leading the way to holography. I give them 10-years and we’ll be talking about those rumors!

    2. I agree. I enjoy tablets because of their smaller size, convenience and simpler OS. Above 9.7″ I want a regular Mac Book Pro with a full OS. Some people forget here that size does matter and was the whole point and defense of the iPad. It’s a matter as always of what works best for you. But there is no one size fits all. More choices is to be applauded to accommodate everyone in the market, including larger iPhones. I am not a size snob myself. To each their own. Of course once accommodated, there’s less of a reason to bitch and moan and for some (Fandroid) that would be disastrous.

    3. Nah. It’s all about the software/apps and processor. Until the iPad runs the software that Mavericks (or whatever OS) runs, they’ll be separate entities. And that’s a good thing because there currently is some overlap.

      I’m a photographer and just spent the weekend working on a half dozen images in Photoshop and Lightroom. I DO use my iPad for a significant portion of my photo editing but my Macintosh just affords me so many different options for my workflow that an iPad has no way to replicate.

      There’s no way my iPad could have done what I needed and wanted to do with my images

      I’d love to have a 13″ iPad that’d do the job of my MacBook but I don’t see signs of it happening in this particular field for quite a while.

  1. A scaled up iPad wouldn’t appeal to me, but a new category of device that does something different to existing iPads could be very interesting.

    There is a lot of scope for bridging the gap between IOS and OSX. An iPad pro could be the way to do that.

    1. What? You’re happy with iPad and you want something different already?

      How about Apple refines iPad first? This thing is not even close to perfection; a sucky virtual keyboard with no real functionality compared to a mouse/kybd combo; directional keys, function keys, and most importantly, menus. A circular menu system similar to graphic tablets or better yet, use Autodesk’s complex system, only bless it with that Apple goodness we all know and love!

  2. Only if it had a kickstand.

    /s (but actually, it would be nice if it would bend up like people do with a news paper, or otherwise place nice with viewing angle when being used at a table.)

    1. Show them the one you designed and patented and maybe they’ll use your idea.

      If Apple produces a Fruit iPad roll-up, the kick-stand would be useless, as any magazine or tray-table will do.

      But g’head show us yours and we’ll tell you what we think.

        1. I just don’t understand his brand of sarcasm. Apparently you’re confused as well. Hit me with a star and be done with me.

          I never knew you until today. You didn’t log in, you must be at work. Company computers are fickle that way.

    1. You know it will. If you’re young you’ll see it in your lifetime. I have childhood friends who never lived to see cell-phones much less iPhone.

      I had friends on these boards who died before iPhone came along and I know they would have been just as amazed as we all are; it’s sad to think they missed it.

      I have 25 good years left and I will live long enough to own a holographic computer, the sadness is leaving at a time when I can still imagine what’s next from Apple.

      So far, so good…

    1. To add to that, I am a “Pro” and this added size would be very helpful for the content creation I do on my iPads.

      -Would be great for drawing, sketching, and CAD.
      -Would be helpful in meetings, small presentations
      -Imagine linking this back to apps on a new Mac Pro at the office
      -Great for large spread sheets
      -Great for page layout
      -See more of page above keyboard when writing
      -More portable/usable than a laptop where there is no desk/table
      -More portable/usable than a laptop when standing
      -Many more apps than a laptop
      -And on and on…….

      1. I would like to have a larger iPad for sure. Additionally, I hope Apple will enhance the resolution so app developers can enhance their app to take advantage of the more resolution and more screen real state.

        I also hope they provide a way to run 2 concurrent apps or maybe divide the screen into 4 original res window areas or 2 Retina window Areas (not calling it Windows to avoid confusing with MS product) to execute multiple apps concurrently while being able to switch each window into full res and back. I would love to be able to watch say news while emailing, watch a TV/Video on one Window area, chat on another, etc.. You get the concept.

        Finally, the extra res would be just great for new generation of content creation, games, and even a new generation MacBook Pro where the iPad Xl will be the screen 🙂 I will happily switch my MBP and iPad air for this combo.

  3. Yes. But give me a way to remotely access the screen. Like the Magic Trackpad. So if the iPad is propped up and I’m typing I don’t have hold out my damn arm and hand. Ok?

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