Futuremark delists Android devices for cheating 3DMark benchmarks; Samsung and HTC ousted

“Benchmarking is serious business, and we’re not saying that tongue-in-cheek,” Paul Lilly reports for HotHardware.

“Buying decisions are often made based on how well a product benchmarks, which is why we spend so much time putting hot (and sometimes not-so-hot) hardware through their paces,” Lilly reports. “However, benchmarks are only meaningful when there’s a level playing field, and when companiestry to ‘game’ the business of benchmarking, it’s not only a form of cheating, it also bamboozles potential buyers who (rightfully) assume the numbers are supposed mean something.”

Lilly reports, “We bring this up because Futuremark just delisted a bunch of devices from its 3DMark benchmark because it suspects foul play is at hand. Delisted devices are stripped of their rank and scores. In this instance, several Samsung and HTC devices are accused of breaking Futuremark’s benchmarking rules. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung is truly a despicable company. Do not buy Samsung-branded products.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Wingsy” for the heads up.]

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  1. Here are the results of iOS 7 benchmarks. The more stars given, the higher the score.

    Ugliness ********
    Unusable *********
    Gay *********************
    Looks like Android *******
    Overall shiftiness **************

    1. As Gay means happy, we assume that IOS7 makes you very, very happy!

      (Because making homophobic remarks is truly A sign of ignorance and immaturity which would immediately wipe out all your other star ratings)

      1. And YOU WIN today’s award for someone who thinks they “won” a debate of any sort by being oh-so anxious to feign indignation and outrage and use that to presume to dictate to others what they can think and how they can express their thoughts.

        I understood perfectly well what “iOS 7 benchmarks” meant and also saw that he deliberately used provocative language “gay” to denote a meaning we are all perfectly familiar with.

        Your faux indignation impresses be not one twit.

    1. Futuremark is one of the most well know of the “benchmark” testers.
      And… Well no one who buy’s iPhones (ironically they do benchmark at the top of the scale)

      However this is a large conundrum for the “techie speccie” types who normally buy android. The fact that Apple’s phones were already beating them (handily) finding out that samsung (and many- perhaps even MOST) android vendors are cheating to even come close to LAST YEARS iPhones benchmarks drives them batshit nuts.

  2. A recent survey of benchmarking in smartphones and tablets showed that to some extent ALL the major players were cheating on the benchmarks EXCEPT Motorola and Apple. It’s not just Samsung and HTC. Some cheat on several benchmarks, some only on certain benchmarks and some only on specific parts of a single benchmark. But other than just Motorola and Apple, they’ve ALL cheated on benchmarks within the last year or so. This is only news to those who have not been paying attention.

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