The only reason Apple’s Black Friday sale is a big deal

“Apple announced this morning that it will in fact have a ‘one-day shopping event’ on Black Friday, at all Apple retail stores and online after midnight PST,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes. “But don’t expect any ‘door busting’ discounts from Apple. Historically, Apple’s Black Friday deals have been modest.”

“This year, Gotta Be Mobile predicts Apple will offer $41 off for the iPad Air and iPad 2, $21 off for the iPod touch, $101 off for the MacBook Air, $101 off for the MacBook Pro with Retina display and $101 off for the iMac,” Kosner writes. “pple has never offered discounts on iPhones for Black Friday, though it could surprise us with a deal on the 5c to move some inventory. There is no indication (or strong business reason) for Apple to discount the coveted iPad Mini 2 or iPad Mini.”

Kosner writes, “The reason why such a non-competitive sale is still a big deal is that Apple otherwise never discounts its products unless they are refurbished, and even then not outrageously.”

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  1. Obviously Apple doesn’t need to offer ‘door busting’ discounts or ‘buy one, get one free’ offers because they can sell their products at the full price.

    The modest discounts offered on Black Friday are a one-off gesture each year, but very welcome all the same.

  2. The Black Friday deals have usually been the same as education discounts, which practically anyone can get any other time of the year.

    Is there ANY other major retail outfit that doesn’t offer any discount either (or discounts by max. 7%)?

  3. Can you imagine Samsung’s holiday shipments (sarcasm) if Apple were to offer $890M worth of price reductions on iPads and iPhones? “This is a one-day only offer, good while infringement penalty supplies last.”

  4. Actually a great way to calculate the penalty to Samsung for its infringement would be to have Apple sell the iPhone at the same price you can get a Samsung phone for 1 year and have Samsung make up the difference.

  5. Some people are just not satisfied until they get everything for free. A $100 dollars off a MacBook is just not good enough for them. The Hew-Haw demographic Indeed: the demographic to whom a iPhone costs only less than a week to earn. Yet they complain and complain and will not be satisfied until Apple gives away both software and hardware.

    Here are people to whom an iPhone costs maybe 3 or 4 months of their pay.

  6. I want to buy an iPad air as a xmas gift for a relative. I could buy other places, but i want engraving which i think can only be done if you buy from apple.

    If they lower it by $41 plus offer free S/H and free engraving then I’m sold. A bonus would be no taxes

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