Analyst: Apple rolling out Retina iPad mini in ‘stealth mode’

“Apple has been rolling out its new iPad Mini with Retina display in ‘stealth mode,’ steadily making it available in stores ahead of the day after Thanksgiving sale, an analyst said Friday,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch.

“Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White called the iPad mini rollout ‘one of Apple’s ‘stealthiest’ device launches and driven by supply constraints,'” Pimentel reports. “‘We are finding broader availability across the country as we contact more Apple U.S. Retail Stores,’ White added. ‘Apple now appears better positioned to support customers for Black Friday next week; however, we believe supply still remains a wildcard.'”

“The introduction of the iPad Air and new iPad Mini is the ‘most significant’ iPad refresh since Apple introduced the product in April 2010,” Pimentel reports. “‘We believe this launch will reinvigorate the iPad franchise,’ he wrote.”

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  1. Tim Cook is the best Ops guy on the planet, yet last year was a problem over the Holiday season because they could bot get enough iMacs in the channel. I do not think he will let this happen again. At the rate of acquisitions Apple has been making this year, expect tow major things in the next few years. 1, Apple’s dependency on Samsung (the great Korean IP thief) will drop considerably. 2. Apple will bring more control of parts and manufacturing in house. The additions of factories in Texas, PA and AZ attest to this plan. I am holding onto my stock. Cook is no Jobs, be he’s heads above idiots like Ballmer and Dell.

    1. I just hope it’s a matter of high demand and not simply a supply chain bottleneck. It’s rather hard to interpret what the actual problem is. Since I bought my shares well below $100, I wouldn’t think of dumping any Apple shares because of the stock barely moving this whole year. I just find it a little disappointing considering Apple has so much wealth to expand its business to increase revenue. Because I’m not privy to Apple’s future plans, I don’t like being left in the dark and I don’t really see any bright light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Mini arrived via UPS 2 days ago.

      My daughter and I just completed a hilariously stupid Garage Band song with 5 instruments and something that resembles singing. She said we should upload it to Facebook.

      “Umm, I don’t think so.”

  2. Very happy with my iPad Air. I was lucky enough to pick one up the Tuesday following the Friday release. Dropped by Target and traded in my iPad 3. $200 trade-in and it only took a matter of minutes. I was going to Target anyway so I thought why not bring my iPad and trade it in for a new one? It was clear that there was going to be a supply problem. A little lighter. A little faster. I think I would be very interested in the 12.9 inch iPad that will be coming next year. I think there will be a good market for such an iPad. And, just like the larger iPhone, they will be coming next year. More sales, more revenue more profit. It’s all good.

  3. Walked into a regular retail outlet in Austrlaia to buy the retina Mac Mini 32GB, no problem getting one. Works a treat with the ideal form factor for me. My advice, get one!!!

  4. Mini or Air, they’re both excellent choices. After I saw that Apple dropped the weight to 1lb., I opted for the Air which I think is a great form factor for the iPad. If I was younger with young eyes, I probably would have opted for the Mini.

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