Apple’s Phil Schiller: Samsung succeeded is because it copied us

“Phil Schiller, head of marketing at Apple, testified Friday in court here that the reason Samsung gained so much market share in smartphones was because it copied Apple,” Shara Tibken reports for CNET.

“That’s also why Samsung flourished while other smartphone makers such as Motorola and Nokia floundered, he said,” Tibken reports. “‘There is a difference,’ Schiller said. ‘One is copying. The others are not — as much.'”

Tibken reports, “The comments from Schiller came toward the end of his testimony Friday morning in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose. A judge in March vacated about $450 million of an original sum Samsung was ordered to pay Apple for infringing on five of its patents. A retrial to determine new damages kicked off Tuesday with jury selection. Samsung is still on the hook for $600 million, no matter what happens in the retrial.”

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    1. “Copy” works better here because of the Picasso quote about “stealing” Steve Jobs used. “Great artists steal, good artists copy.” (The difference is Jobs AND Picasso meant it to mean stealing great ideas and concepts but then making them distinctly and uniquely your own – not literal copies.) Apple has always looked at all of the mobile device technologies that emerge and finally give it their own user friendly correct treatment and interpretation for consumers rather than the clumsy engineer driven & software crude klunkiness their competitors are capable of. That’s what makes Apple Apple.

  1. Yeah the first gen of galaxy products were direct copies and each gen Samsung tried to move away from apple. Samsung used apple as a launch pad to get their products known

    1. I’m going through the list and ‘like’-ing the realistic comments. And we know what they are.

      Vehement ignorance is consistently disturbing. So if you enjoy being disturbed, join in and ‘like’ the non-ignorant comments.

  2. So nuts. One of the earlier posters was ripping on Apple and not making sense and a few comments down he’s typing in what read like an ad for the New Blah-blah at only $250.

    CNET could use some moderation in their comments.

  3. As pathetic is the obviously paid trolling in the comments. Samsung has no shame, and sadly, it’s working.

    I’d be more worried if I was an Android user: for all the complexity and issues surrounding Android the benefit was supposed to be diversity. But since everyone but Samsung loses money… Android is becoming Samsung’s vehicle for copying and a free OS to power underpowered phones no first worlder wants to own. Sure other device makers sell all kinds of phones TODAY. But they’re all for-profit companies losing money. Samsung has out-sleezed them.

    I won’t buy so much as a freaking TV from them any more.

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