Qualcomm amicus brief supports dismissal of Apple’s FRAND contract case against Google’s Motorola Mobility

“On Thursday I blogged about an Apple filing in Southern California seeking to prevent Google (Motorola Mobility) from spying on high-level negotiations between Apple and Qualcomm,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents. “That particular litigation is all about whether Motorola Mobility is barred by a patent cross-license agreement with Qualcomm from suing Apple for infringement of standard-essential patents (SEPs) implemented by Qualcomm baseband chips.”

“Apple is a Qualcomm customer, and patent protection is a key differentiator for Qualcomm’s chips. Therefore, it’s in Qualcomm’s business interest that Apple win the Southern California case,” Müller reports. “Last week Qualcomm filed an amicus curiae brief in connection with the Federal Circuit appeal of last year’s dismissal of an Apple v. Motorola FRAND contract action in the Western District of Wisconsin. ”

“Officially, that letter to the court was filed “in support of neither party”, but it does support Motorola on the most basic issue on appeal: whether the court was right to dismiss Apple’s request for a FRAND determination because Apple had not committed to bound by its outcome no matter what royalty rate the court might have arrived at,” Müller reports. “It does not support Apple on any of the issues that it is appealing. So this is a brief in support of Google (Motorola), but limited to one issue. Qualcomm does not take a position on other, more case-specific issues.”

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  1. I would never trust anything involving Google at all. Everyone knows about their data mining tactics, but very few know about how the NSA uses this data to find “people of interest”. This can’t be good…

  2. Or perhaps they should never have sold off their interest in ARM. That said if Apple hadn’t ARM would have been restricted in expanding its client base I suspect. What worries me a bit however one can’t help but say that this is why Apple needs to keep a certain level of market share or companies like Qualcomm will put others business before Apples for selfish motives.

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