Damage to steel panels delays Apple Store Stonestown expansion in San Francisco until December

The Apple Retail Store in San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria is scheduled to reopen in a new larger location towards the end of this year, sources tell MacDailyNews.

The opening was initially scheduled to take place on November 23rd but will be delayed until December due to damage to steel panels on the front of the store. Since there is no glass at the new location, the steel damage is a showstopper. The steel panels are manufactured in Japan and will be have to be shipped via boat.

Sources say that additional stress will be put upon the overloaded current location because inventory hub levels have already been increased to accommodate the anticipated extra space and sales, therefore the store’s current storage space is overused.


  1. It’s the only one of three Apple Stores in San Francisco that has readily available free parking. It’s currently the smallest in physical size, by far. I’ve been wondering when they were going to take over a larger spot in the Mall.

  2. Apple has long needed to establish “Holiday Stores” some distance from their Apple Stores to absorb some of the increases in holiday sales Find spots where people can find a parking space without ending up half a mile away from the store.

    It’s not that difficult with Apple’s talent to design temporary stores that can be packed in a semi: send it out for the holidays and pack it up in January for the next year.

  3. What is the problem? We can’t make steel architectural panels in the United States? This is the kind of thing that should be a PR disaster for Apple, but people just let it go past. And don’t tell me there is some special technique we don’t have in the US – that is bogus for sure. The only thing worse that could have have said is the panels are coming from South Korea.

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