Apple releases iOS 7.0.4

Apple today released iOS 7.0.4.

The update features “bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail for some users.”

iOS 7.0.4 is available now via iTunes and wirelessly.


  1. How about an iMessage fix? Still getting issues sending messages. Both myself and my wife had massive problems yesterday with iMessage with other people and between ourselves.

        1. is iMassage at the App Store or do I have to go an apple store to get a iMassage?

          /teasing.. but in all seriousness with everything going iXxxx. someone has not made an iMassage chair yet?

      1. Actually –
        My buddy and I are on the same network – AT&T.
        When he group texts, to a friend of ours who does not have an iPhone, it comes to my messages without an area code.
        Our contact is set up the same- with the full +1 area code number.
        If I reply, it pushes it to some stranger on a 651 area code, and not the 612 as it should be.

        Such a strange issue we cannot resolve.

        1. Seriously, this fix has worked for everyone I’ve known who had iMessage issues after updating to iOS7.. Apparently something in the update caused the network settings to go bonkers… Resetting them has worked. I’d try having everyone in your group message reset and see what happens.

      2. Both of us have tried that, and rebooting multiple times. It hasn’t fixed the issue at all. Switching to SMS text is the only reliable way to get/sent text messages since we upgraded to iOS 7.

    1. Any person in any location can have texting problems. Remember cellphones are a glorified walkie-talkie.

      Using my iPhone 3GS, yes I am still using it I am a tightwad, I have never had any Messaging problems. If it matters we are in the Metro Atlanta area.

  2. I am praying this update fixes the horrible syncing error I have been experiencing on all three of my IOS devices after taking IOS 7.0.3. I had to resort to dumping all my media, than reloading it all back to get my devices to sync properly. The sync issue would prevent the sync function from completing, forcing me to unplug the device and rebooting. After the failed sync I was left with numerous tunes that had a red circle next to the listing and the tune would not play. Once again, I hope this new update addresses this issue.

    1. If not, have you tried signing out and back in ‘iTunes and App Store’ under ‘Settings’?

      For some reason I had to do this months back and somehow it solved the issue.

    2. Hey bubba, sounds like you have a significant corruption issue. A reset & restore is a fairly simple operation (and runs without much user interventions)
      It will normally fix these kinds of issues and may be less trouble & is certainly more effective than dumping and reloading media files

    3. I’ve had the same issue, I’ve been into the genius store 4 times, they’ve reset my phone, my mac and given me 2 new iPhones. They have no idea what’s going on!! I’m now running ios6 and been told not to upgrade to 7! Load of forums state the issue but no acknowledgment from Apple!! It’s about time they sorted it out. Some apps I want to use now don’t work because I’m o an old iOS. Disgraceful Apple.

  3. Any moment now… Be very quiet… Creeping out of the undergrowth from his hole under a tree stump… will be our pet generic anonymous coward Samsung paid troll… out to rant ‘iOS 7 sucks’… Hand me the binoculars… Waiting patiently…

  4. The update for the iPad 2 was half the size of the update for the 5s.

    I’m sure, Derek, that’s because they reverted the icons back on any device where the user had moved the “ugly” icons into folders or off the main screen. /s

  5. I don’t know about you, but you’ll find after installing the update that it turns on Bluetooth if it was previously off. You’ll have to turn Bluetooth off again if you don’t want it on (to save battery). I wish Apple would leave settings the way they were at the time of install. Wonder what else they changed on me.

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